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  • How To Remove Pet Stains & Odors From Carpet & Upholstery

    Accidents, muddy paws, lick marks. If you have a pet you know how hard it can be keeping your furniture and carpet clean. There are so many recommendations on how to clean these stains, but did you know some of them might actually make the stains worse? Others might also encourage your dog or cat to keep going to the bathroom in that spot. Are your cleaners really helping the situation or making it worse?

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  • Remove Pet Stains & Odors From Carpet

    At some point, every pet owner has to deal with some sort of stain. Whether it be from an accident, an ailment, or food just not going down right, pet stains can be a struggle. What can be even more frustrating then the actual stain, is getting rid of it. There are countless products on the market designed to eliminate pet stains. However every pet owner knows not all of them work. Enzymes are often suggested as a common cleaner to remove pet stains. While they are highly marketed and targeted as solutions for removing pet stains, pet owners often find that these types of cleaners are ineffective. There are several reasons why enzymatic cleaners do not deliver desired results. First of all, enzymes are very specific in what they can clean. Enzymes work by attacking and breaking down protein cells. However not all enzymes can break down all proteins. Different animals release different chemicals in their urine. Because of the variations, a general enzymatic cleaner might target some of the protein in the stained area and not all of it. Likewise, a stain from pet vomit will vary in composition from a stain composed of waste. As a result, there are going to be elements in either type of stain that an enzymatic cleaner can not break down. Because enzymes are so sensitive as far as what will react to them, there are other variables that prevent them from effectively cleaning and removing stains. These variables include temperature, the composition of the area being cleaned and the use of other products in the area. If the temperature is not in the right range, enzymes do nothing. They are very sensitive in regards to temperature. Different carpet types are dyed and treated differently. Some also have stain guard applied to them. Various chemicals in the manufacturing of carpet, as well as different stain guards can prevent enzymes from doing anything at all. If any type of cleaner had been used in the past, whether it be used as a spot cleaner or in a machine, it too will have the same effect as any chemical that might be in the carpet itself. That effect is the neutralization of the enzymes being applied. They will be completely ineffective. More often then not, people who use enzymatic cleaners find that the stain is never really fully removed, and although the smell seems to be eliminated, it ends up returning in about three days … usually with a more pungent odor then before. The returning smell comes from the breakdown of remaining enzymes in the carpet as well as the protein from the original stain that was not broken down. Remember, certain enzymes only target specific types of protein, need the correct temperature to be active and are ineffective if any other chemicals have been in the area. With such variables, there is no way a general, store bought enzyme can properly remove pet stains. Household cleaners are often used as an attempt to clean stains. Many household cleaners imply that they can be used for cleaning spots in carpet. There is nothing further from the truth. The bulk of household cleaners contain active chemicals and bleach based foundations. These cleaners can have extremely negative effects on carpet. Different carpet types are treated with different chemicals when they are manufactures. Some carpets are even treated with a stain guard. The chemicals in household cleaners can react to the chemicals in carpet or stain guards and make very visible variations in the carpet when applied. In some cases, the this combination can even work against you to lock the stain in. Chemical based household spray cleaners should never be used on carpet - especially if you do not know about your carpets composition specifications. Another huge misconception in removing pet stains is that vinegar will do the job. Vinegar is in general a useful cleaner because of the fact that it is acidic. It is also a natural, green product and inexpensive on top of that. When diluted with water, the acidity is neutralized. This allows it to safely clean surfaces by allowing the acid to break down whatever stains it is targeting. However, pet owners should never use vinegar to clean pet stains in carpet or upholstery. Being a natural, acidic compound, vinegar, as well as ammonia, contains some of the same elements found in urine. This is particularly evident in the scent. Animals, both cats and dogs, are inclined to urinate in the same spot. Cats are drawn to liter boxes. Cat liter is often ammonia based. This ammonia scent is what draws the cats to the box as cat urine contains ammonia. They naturally go to the bathroom where they smell they have gone before. When dogs go outside, they sniff to find where they have gone before. When they find the area where they have previously gone, they will continue to use that spot. If they smell the scent of another dog, they will in turn mark that area with their own scent. Now, think about your carpet. If you lay vinegar down in your carpet, even diluted, your cat or dog will smell it. As a natural reaction, they will confuse the vinegar scent for the scent found in urine. You have just encouraged your pet to use the carpet at a rest area and your pet stain problems are only going to get worse. To properly clean and remove pet stains, you need to thoroughly clean the area. The best way to do this is with Genesis 950. Genesis 950 is a surfactant based cleaner. It works with water to break the bonds of stains. To properly remove pet stains, use it in a steam cleaner or machine. This allows it to get deep within the carpet fibers and padding to break apart everything that has sunk below the surface. If you have deep pet stains, and are just spot cleaning the surface, you may get rid of the visible stain, but you are not going to be able to remove the odor from what has penetrated below the surface fibers. Genesis 950 is a green cleaner with no harsh chemicals, toxins or enzymes. It will not react with carpet regardless of what the carpet’s composition is. It can even be used on sensitive surfaces like wool and silk. In addition to breaking down stains, it will kill any bacteria that it comes in contact with. This also allows it to completely deodorize the area and remove odors associated with pet stains. In the photo shown, the Berber carpet was affected by pet stains. Over a six month period, other cleaners were used. In most cases, the stains were lifted, however the reaction of the carpet to the cleaner was more then prominent. Gray streaks made every cleaning attempt apparent. The more the carpet was cleaned, the worse it ended up looking. A lingering foul odor also accompanied the unsightly carpet. Among the cleaners used were enzymatic based cleaners as well as common household cleaners specifically designated as carpet and spot cleaners. After trying all the traditional and mythological methods of cleaning, the next option was to replace the carpet. It was then suggested to try Genesis 950 in a steam cleaner. Using a Bissel Pro Heat machine on the heavy traffic setting, the use of Genesis 950 not only removed the remaining stains, it also removed all the discoloration left behind from all the other products used. On top of making the carpet look like new, it removed all foul odors coming from the carpet. After a few days, the odor never returned. After a few weeks, still no odor. Genesis 950 cleaned the carpet like nothing else could.

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  • Remove Tough Stains With Genesis 950

    Genesis 950 Concentrate is an all purpose cleaner designed to remove the toughest stains. Use it in a steam cleaner to give your carpets the look and smell of a professional cleaning without the high cost … and better results. Remove pet stains & odors. See the before & after photos here!

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  • Remove Pet Stains And Odors From Carpet

    Genesis 950 Concentrate - All Purpose Cleaner & Pet Stain Remover While pet stains can be frustrating, what can be even more frustrating is trying to find a cleaner that really removes those types of stains. Pet stores are lined with overpriced cleaners targeted specifically at removing pet stains. There are a number of household cleaners that make the claim they can remove spots or clean carpets. Unfortunately, many of these cleaners do more harm then good. In this example, a Berber carpet had been stained with cat urine as well as stains from dye in pet food after cats had regurgitated. Traditional, and very well known household cleaners were used to try to remove the stains. Generally, these cleaners were in a spray form. Because of this, they actually did not get down into the pad to remove the stains. While they did manage to lift some of the surface stains, the problem they came was from the stains that THEY left behind. Every spot that was cleaned remained worse. While some of the spots were cleared of the original stain, streaks appeared where the cleaner was used. The stains you see in this picture are from those other cleaners. Obviously this carpet was completely unsightly, embarrassing and in worse condition before the attempt was made to remove the stains. The carpet sat in this state for about 6 months and the next action was to replace the carpet. With replacing the carpet as the final option, it was suggested that Genesis 950 be used on the carpet. Genesis 950 was used in a steam cleaning machine. The results speak for themselves. In addition to lifting the pet stains that were left behind and cleaning the pad, Genesis 950 also removed all the stains left behind from other cleaning products. This 10 year old carpet ended up looking and smelling like new. And the $42 cost of a gallon of Genesis 950 cost far less then replacing a carpet, hiring a professional, and the expense of all the other combined cleaners previously used. There are so many cleaning products on the market and all of them work a little differently. Unfortunately, with many of them you don’t know what you are applying onto your carpet. Because of this, many typical household cleaners can make your carpet look worse. Such staining and damage can occur if the carpet has been treated at some point with a stain protector. Such stain protection on carpets requires specific cleaning tools. If traditional household cleaners are used, the toxins and chemicals will have a negative impact and make the stains worse. In some cases, especially if the cleaner oxidizes, it can actually discolor your carpet. This damage can be permanent. Wool carpets can present even more problems as they are natural and easily affected by chemicals. Sadly, when cleaning pet stains, many of these factors are unknown. Not knowing the actual fiber composition of your carpet, or whether it does or doesn’t have a stain protector can make all the difference in how your carpet should be cleaned. Genesis 950 is unlike any other cleaner on the market. It is a green cleaner. Because of this, it does not have the chemicals or toxins that other household cleaners contain. As a result, it will not have a negative impact on your carpet. It will not discolor it, stain it, alter the composition or create any unwanted reaction. It is safe to use on any carpet - even wool. Genesis 950 also works differently then any other cleaner. While many cleaners target the stain with chemicals, bleach, vinegar or enzymes, Genesis 950 is a surfactant based cleaner. It is sold in concentrate form. Because of this, you are actually paying for a product that you will need to dilute with water (as opposed to buying a product that is already 98% water - which many cleaners are). When you use Genesis 950, the recommended cleaning ratio is 1 part Genesis 950 to 7 parts water. This can however e increased to a 50/50 mix depending on the stain. In a steam cleaner with a 1 Gallon tank, 1 pint is recommended. In a 3 gallon tank, 1 1/2 quarts are recommended. In the above photo about 3/4 of a gallon was used as the machine was set on high and ran through the solution quickly. When Genesis 950 comes into contact with a stain, it works with the water to make the stain water soluble. By doing this, it actually allows the stain to be broken down and lifted. Once the stain is lifted, it can be flushed from the area with a clean water rinse. This is what makes Genesis 950 one of the best pet stain removers available. When used in a machine, the mixture of Genesis 950 and water can get deep into the carpet, even the pad. There, it breaks apart the stains and lifts them out of the carpet. On top of removing the stain, Genesis 950 contains antibacterial agents which will kill any bacteria or germs in the carpet. This is also beneficial in preventing mold growth in the carpet. As an added plus, Genesis 950 deodorizes, leaving the carpet smell fresh and odor free. One of the most common issues with pet stains is that pet owners often find they can not stop their pet from going in a spot. This is due to the fact that animals instinctively urinate where they smell urine. If the mark is made in the carpet, and the carpet is not properly cleaned, the pet will keep going in that spot until it is removed. Basic household cleaners do not have the ability to properly deodorize carpet. While you may not smell any stain after using such cleaners, your pet still can … and will keep going there. Some cleaners can actually cause more harm then good in these situations. A common misconception is that cleaning with vinegar or ammonia will remove pet stains. This is actually one of the worst things you can do if you have a pet. Both ammonia and vinegar contain some of the same chemical properties found in urine. Because of this, if the carpet is cleaned with either of the two, your pet could pick up on the scent and continue marking in that spot. Pet stains don’t have to be a challenge. With Genesis 950, you don’t have to try product after product, you don’t have to worry about a negative reaction on your carpet, and you won’t have to worry about unsightly stains!

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