The 12 Most Creative Drawings From Inventors’ Day On DrawQuest

DrawQuest is a new game for iPad, and on Inventors’ Day, it challenged its users to help Edison invent something new. Here are a few of the most imaginative and outrageous drawings from the challenge!

On Inventors’ Day, DrawQuest asked its users to help Thomas Edison make a new invention. Here’s what they were given:

ID: 894457

And here’s what they came up with:

ID: 894461

1. The Auto-Litterbox

Kiss that scooper goodbye! No wait, actually, don’t kiss it. Gross.

ID: 893375

2. Cake

The cake is a lie.

ID: 893394

3. DaVinci

We always knew DaVinci could predict the future.

ID: 893398

4. The Enlightotron

Finally, something to do with all those leftover smart devices.

ID: 893416

5. Liberty Bot

All your idea belong to us.

ID: 893421

6. The Perpetual Motion Machine

It doesn’t do much or make total sense physically, but it sure does look cool!

ID: 893437

7. Robot Disguise

No wonder Edison understood machines so well. HE WAS ONE OF THEM.

ID: 893454

8. Spaghetti Shooter

Food fights will never be the same.

ID: 893459

9. Submarine Sandwich

For those who like things literal, it’s an underwater bread-meat-and-cheese tower.

ID: 893473

10. The Matrix


ID: 893490

11. The Wheel

Unfortunately, Ugh forget patent, and Blarg also invent wheel.

ID: 893497

12. Video Games

If only Edison was alive to enjoy the pure genius of Super Smash Brothers.

ID: 893508

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