Famous Geeks Hanging Out In The 1900s

Can you get by with a little help from your friends? General Electric is here today because of Thomas Edison and his brilliant inventions. And Edison was no loner - he hung out with the best of them. Take a look at these incredible, vintage photos that date back to the 1900’s and celebrate the nostalgia of GE. And for more incredible photos, check out The Henry Ford Museum’s Flickr stream.

1. The Four Vagabonds

Left to right: Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, John Burroughs and Harvey Firestone
Starting in 1915, Edison, Firestone, Ford and Thomas Burroughs before his death in 1921, took a road trip each summer in motor camping caravans.

2. Thomas Edison And George Eastman

In this photo, Eastman Kodak Co. founder George Eastman, left, and Thomas Edison pose with their inventions. With Edison’s invention of motion picture equipment and Kodak’s invention of roll-film and the camera box, these two brilliant minds helped shape the film industry into what we know it as today.

3. Thomas Edison And Harvey Firestone

From working together on various business projects, their business relationship eventually transformed into a bond of great friendship. The pair, along with Henry Ford, often chatted during live radio broadcasts about the exciting opportunities that new, modern inventions offered young men during the late 1920s.

4. Edison, Ford, Firestone Radio Talk

5. Thomas Edison And Calvin Coolidge

President Calvin Coolidge always respected Edison’s work. And In 1928, he presented him with the Congressional Gold Medal, saying: “There is scarcely an electrical process or instrument of to-day which does not reflect in some way changes wrought by his researches.”

6. Thomas Edison And Henry Ford

After Ford met Edison, they were basically inseparable. When Ford became a wealthy industrialist, he collaborated with Edison on technical and scientific projects. He even convinced Edison to devote significant research to finding a substitute for rubber.

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