15 Reasons Gravity Is Actually Beautiful

When you hear the word gravity, beauty probably isn’t one of the first words that comes to mind. Although it’s one of the weakest forces, it’s actually one of the most beautiful. Sit back and enjoy #GravityDay with these mesmerizing GIFs.

1. It creates this.

ID: 1589647

2. It brings people together (even at 10,000 feet).

ID: 1589473

3. It makes dropping everyday items strangely satisfying.

ID: 1589439

4. It lets you see things from a different point of view.

ID: 1589486

5. It lets you glide through water.

ID: 1589423

6. Or fly down mountains.

ID: 1589504

7. Without it, we’d never see this.

ID: 1589596

8. Or this.

ID: 1591442

9. It gets you where you’re going.

ID: 1589518

10. It moves mountains.

ID: 1591461

11. It helps us explore new planets.

ID: 1589626

12. And it creates islands on ours.

ID: 1591443

13. It pulls water down from the skies.

ID: 1591454

14. And in from our shores.

ID: 1591459

15. And it’s all thanks to one physicist and some famous falling fruit.

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ID: 1591519

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