The Universe’s Most Creative Video Game Tributes

Video games should be more than remembered, they should be revered. So we’ve gathered a list that proves people don’t waste all of their time playing amazing video games…they also leave time to make amazing video game tributes. And though these astounding artisans can’t punch through brick boxes for gold coins, they could save money on car insurance - even if their cars are go-karts - from fellow video game zealot, the Gecko.

These Mike Tyson’s Punch Out prints are made solely from Nintendo Power Magazines. Kind of like your childhood.

Nothing would turn your home into a museum quite like a curated exhibit of a Carmen Sandiego floppy disk. You can hand out cassette players with an audio tour led by Rockapella.

‘Cause this is thriller, thriller night. And no one’s gonna save you from the beast about to strike. Especially when that beast might be Bowser.

Swords are great. But the Gecko has a few others ways to get insurance…for less money and fewer sheaths.

If you stare at this art for long enough, a dog will pop up and laugh at you. Honestly, if you stare at this art for too long, your friends will laugh at you too.

Best. Cake. Ever. I wonder if blowing out the candles will also help make the cartridges work better?

Some people use the streets for flips and kicks. Others use them for kick flips. Cover both bases with one of these Street Fighter skate decks.

These flowers are easy to keep alive, and they won’t make you throw fire or try to eat you.

This makes you want to get a rock tour bus, take it cross country, and stop on a highway shoulder in the hopes of getting fueled up from a hovering space drone gas station.

I bet the Gecko finds tons of ways to help people save on car insurance while running the streets behind his trainer’s bicycle.

This 8-bit Megaman tattoo would make any mom proud.


It’s like a meta version of a Mario water level. Whoa.

You never know where this guy will show up, especially after he’s gotten his hands on experimental technology.

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