The Most Delightful Moments From Your Childhood In 29 Pictures

Remember how delightful it was to be a kid? It was almost as delightful as the customer service you get from GEICO, but with more cartoons.

1. When you made duck lips with your chips

2. When you accidently got more snacks at the vending machine

3. When you pretended to be a witch with this snack

4. When you successfully got all the marshmallow pieces in one cereal bowl

5. And when you woke up on Saturday JUST to watch cartoons

6. When you got to watch the Magic School Bus in class

7. And when you were a little older, when you got to watch Bill Nye!

8. When you got to have the perfect day at gym playing parachute

9. And riding scooters

10. And, of course, doing the Macarena

11. When you got to pick out books from book club

12. Or even better, when it was book fair day!

13. When you got this for lunch

14. And especially this!

15. When you got extra recess

16. And when you won all the pogs DURING recess!

17. When you heard the theme song to Nick in the Afternoon

18. And watched old commercials with cute animals

19. When you witnessed the Ninja Turtles meet the Power Rangers

20. When you did the “secret handshakes” from the Little Rascals

21. And when you finally mastered The Parent Trap handshake

22. When you pretended your toys came to life like in Toy Story

23. When you pretended to be Harriet The Spy

24. When you got exactly what you wanted from the capsule machine

25. When you found the rare Beanie Baby that everybody wanted

26. When your future was totally awesome on MASH

27. And your fortune was amazing too!

28. When you finally captured all 151 Pokemon!

29. And this.

Thanks for carrying us, parents!

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