19 Shirts That Tell People Exactly How You’re Feeling

Make sure you have the right shirt for every occasion. You can wear your heart on your sleeve! Because GEICO customer service wants to make sure you’re always happy.

1. When you’re acting incredulous about your friend’s feelings about felines:

EconomyGrocery / Via etsy.com
ID: 1571603

2. Feeling inquisitive about your buddy’s budding facial hair:

ID: 1571769

3. Outrage at not being considered in the same league as those ANIMALS:

ID: 1572017

4. When you’re feeling literal:

Threadless / Via threadless.com
ID: 1572568

5. When you’re feeling slightly less literal:

Threadless / Via threadless.com
ID: 1572570

6. Excited about upping the ante on a barbecue bet:

ID: 1571771

7. When you feel like using obscure sports to secure hand-to-hand affirmations:

Threadless / Via threadless.com
ID: 1572579

8. When you want brevity to express the world of bone-related japes:

RogueAttire / Via etsy.com
ID: 1572136

9. When you want to make light of your fear of both difficult-to-spell words AND imaginary monsters:

TheShayskiShop / Via etsy.com
ID: 1572099

10. When you need to communicate your love of spuds, no matter what the people say:

ID: 1572543

11. When you’d like to tell people to talk to the hand after one too many enchiladas:

Threadless / Via threadless.com
ID: 1572553

12. When you’re feeling like expressing the potency of the great outdoors:

Cafe Press / Via cafepress.com
ID: 1572415

13. When you need to tell someone who is being a little too colorful to calm down:

ID: 1572597

14. Quite a few years of school done with diploma in hand:

ID: 1571678

15. When you’d prefer your large hairy buddy would remain incognito:

Cafe Press
ID: 1572520

16. In the mood for a soothing hot beverage and an extinct reptile:

Cafe Press / Via cafepress.com
ID: 1572423

17. Feeling playful and eager to dazzle your fellow man’s conceptions of reality:

IceCreamTees / Via etsy.com
ID: 1572051

18. And when you’re feeling incredulous about your friend’s thoughts on ocean critters:

Spread Shirt / Via spreadshirt.com
ID: 1572684

Don’t forget a shirt for when you’re PUMPED about what day it is! GEICO has got you covered:

Get yours at the GEICO store!

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