24 Reaction GIFs To The Most Delightful Time Of The Year

Oh, the weather outside is frightful, but the fire is so delightful. It’s warm and cozy like the experience you get with GEICO customer service! So, let it snow, and cozy up to these delightful GIFs.

1. When you experience the first snow of the year

ID: 684769

2. When you finally get to break out your favorite winter coat

ID: 685322

3. When everything is light and fluffy, so you can make snow angels

ID: 689852

4. When you see kids running around and making snowmen

ID: 689876

5. When everything turns into a beautiful ice sculpture

ID: 689887

6. When you get to have a SNOW DAY!

ID: 689898

7. When things start to get serious, and it’s time for a SNOWBALL FIGHT!

ID: 689936

8. When you protect yourself from snowballs in an epic FORT!

ID: 689942

9. When you finally get to go sledding!

ID: 685479

10. And skiing!

ID: 689947

11. And snowboarding!

ID: 689946

12. When you see cute little dogs running around in sweaters

ID: 684776

13. When you get to break out your ice skates

ID: 689950

14. When you’re done frolicking in the snow, and you come inside to get toasty.

ID: 689975

15. And put on your holiday sweater.

ID: 685312

16. When you get to eat a hot, yummy bowl of soup

ID: 689984

17. When you finally have an excuse to drink hot beverages!

ID: 685563

18. When you smell gingerbread cookies baking at your grandmother’s house

ID: 684767

19. When you get to BUILD a gingerbread house

ID: 684770

20. When you finally get to start the ol’ fireplace

ID: 689961

21. And cozy up with your loved one!

ID: 685590

22. You might get so cozy, that you’ll start yawning like this puppy!

ID: 685620

23. How delightful.

Just like GEICO’s customer service!

ID: 690083

24. Have a great winter everyone!

ID: 685613

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