23 Foods That Will Make Your Thanksgiving Delightful

You have plenty to be thankful for, including GEICO’s delightful customer service. Make sure you make your turkey day as delightful as possible by including a few upgrades to your dinner!

1. Make your turkey epic.

Really though, this could have been items 1-23.

2. Or if you want to take it to the next level, DEEP FRY YOUR TURKEY.

3. Or if you want to rule the world some day, MAKE A TURDUCKEN.

It’s a chicken put inside a duck… inside a TURKEY!

4. Or if you want to watch the world burn, WRAP YOUR TURKEY IN BACON.

5. Or if you want to take over the galaxy, WRAP YOUR TURKEY IN BACON WITH A PATTERN.

6. Make a pet-sized turkey too!

7. Construct mini-pumpkin cheeseballs.

8. Make some pumpkin deviled eggs!

9. Make some mashed potato animals. So delightful!

Just like the joy you get from GEICO customer service.

10. Make some cranberry bbq sauce.

I don’t think you’re ready for this jelly.

11. Build a mashed potato volcano.

13. Make some stuffing muffins. They even sound delightful!

14. You know what, just make your entire meal in muffin form.

15. Stuff yourself with gluten-free stuffing as well!

16. Make some Thanksgiving candy!

17. Pumpkin Pretzels!

Use melted white chocolate chips with orange food coloring and green M&Ms. Tip: use shortening to keep the white chocolate from becoming too thick and clumpy.

18. Make some legit candy corn.

Sugar cookie + Reeses Pieces + Fruit-Roll-Up = real candy corn.

19. Don’t forget bacon-weave apple pie.

20. Make some mini pumpkin pies

21. Make some thematically relevant cupcakes.

22. Make a cherpumple. It’s a cherry pie, pumpkin pie, and an apple pie all baked into three layers of cake.

23. And finally, finish out strong with a TurDunkin.

What is a “TurDunkin” you say? Read on if you dare…

And now for some after dinner entertainment.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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