16 Happy Music Video Moments You Might Have Forgotten About

Remember a time when music videos were the only thing to look forward to after school? GEICO does. Here’s a few amazing moments you probably forgot about to make you happier than the live audience during TRL.

1. Remember the wandering milk carton in Blur’s “Coffee & TV”?

ID: 946513

2. How about when Weezer was transported back to Happy Days?

ID: 946553

3. Or the time The White Stripes became Legos for “Fell In Love With A Girl”?

ID: 947345

4. Remember when Christopher Walken rocked to the sounds of Fat Boy Slim’s “Weapon of Choice”?

ID: 948427

5. Remember when N’Sync were ghosts for some reason?

ID: 948456

6. Or when Andre 3000 was the entire band in “Hey Ya!”

ID: 948481

7. Alanis was also happy to hang out with herself on this awesome roadtrip.

ID: 954027

8. Remember when Farrah Franklin was in Destiny’s Child? And they did this move in “Say My Name” that you wanted to last forever?

ID: 948593

9. How about when Sisqo did that ridiculous backflip into a human pyramid?

ID: 948640

10. Brandy and Monica fighting over what’s on the TV in “The Boy Is Mine” was pretty hilarious.

ID: 948679

11. And remember when Britney was on top of the world?

ID: 948825

12. Nothing happier than watching Chris Kilmore spin the turntables in this Incubus music video. Remember him?

ID: 952496

13. Or the time The Red Hot Chili Peppers turned into a video game and surfed on sharks and stuff.

ID: 952583

14. It’s literally impossible to rain on Will Smith’s parade in “Miami.”

ID: 952631

15. Remember how happy the drummer was in “One More Time”?

ID: 953315

16. Just as happy as the dancing Bumblebee in Blind Melon’s “No Rain,” that’s for sure.

ID: 954031

Eddie Money knows how to stay happy, too, even though he isn’t making too many new music videos anymore.

ID: 952361

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