15 Ways You Know You’re The Thrifty One

You give yourself a few extra bucks to add to the hundreds you could save by switching to GEICO. You know better than to spend money on all those unnecessary life extras.

1. You’ve got the cheapest phone case of all time.

2. You rent out the other half of your full bed.

3. You own a Budget Segway.

Showing the world you know how to roll.

4. You know how to take a few liberties with work expenses.

5. You know how to balance that small town budget.

6. You save money on sprays and clean your car with toothpaste.

It works!

7. When your pet needs a cone, you improvise.

9. Your life motto is: “Why buy two condiments when you can just have one?”

10. You save a ton of money on Christmas decorations too.

11. Bike Basket? No problem. You just use whatever is hanging around.

12. No need for expensive car repairs, no sir.

13. You pass on expensive rain gear. You know what to do when the weather is bad.

14. You can make a boat out of stuff you found in your garage.

15. And you always crush it with coupons.

Saving money makes you happier than this guy:

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