15 Of The Most Optimistic Things Ever

Every day is delightful when you’re optimistic. GEICO customer service strives to fill you with this kind of happiness. So take a friendly cue from these great inanimate attitudes.

1. Sewer? I hardly know her!

tanakawho / Via Flickr: 28481088@N00
ID: 1165175

2. It’s weird, but I never have anything to vent about!

Aidan-Sally / Via Flickr: sally-aidan
ID: 1165182

3. This might come as a shock to my brothers down there, but I feel like I’m on top of the world! Always! Shameless plug, I know.

Chris Costes / Via Flickr: 33852688@N08
ID: 1165307

4. I’m always tipping my cap to strangers. I have more green than I know what to do with!

Aidan-Sally / Via Flickr: sally-aidan
ID: 1165211

5. I just want to spread my smile to the world.

Matthijs / Via Flickr: matthijs
ID: 1165214

6. You can call me foam if you want but I KNOW that I’m a dragon.

nottsexminer / Via Flickr: nottsexminer
ID: 1165538

7. I love it when you push my buttons. And I know you’re going to. You can see it on my face.

Beshef / Via Flickr: sharif
ID: 1166367


Simon Brass / Via Flickr: dogbomb
ID: 1165550

9. The key to my optimism: Believing things always take a turn for the better.

nottsexminer / Via Flickr: nottsexminer
ID: 1165361

10. You know you’re jealous of my grill.

Bryce Womeldurf / Via Flickr: brycewomeldurf
ID: 1166319

11. I’m so glad you can finally see the real me. I’m wired!

Ryan Leighty / Via Flickr: leighty
ID: 1166329

12. Oh! My favorite hat! And I’m always wearing it! It’s the best! It’s literally glued to my head. Go on, give it a tug.

ID: 1166371

13. You’d be grinning too if you had a crown tattooed on your forehead! I never feel screwed.

mpclemens / Via Flickr: mpclemens
ID: 1166379

14. I can’t see! Help I can’t see! It’s probably OK though! Life always delivers.

Michael Coghlan / Via Flickr: mikecogh
ID: 1166390

15. You look great. I’m floored! It must be a sign. Have a great day!

Deborah Hustic / Via Flickr: lomodeedee
ID: 1166530

Those guys are almost as happy as these night-vision goggles.

ID: 1168471

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