15 Delightful Illustrated GIFs That Will Make You Smile

GIFs in themselves are awesome, but when a great illustrator creates a GIF, beautiful things happen. It’s just like GEICO, where great savings and delightful service come together. Prepare to be amazed.

Hoppip / Via hoppip.tumblr.com

Find the most delightful cat GIFs on Hoppip’s Tumblr.

Julian Glander / Via glander.tumblr.com

See more of Julian Glander’s work here.

Lilli Carré / Via lillicarre.com

More amazing hand drawn GIFs on Lilli Carré’s website.

Andy Helms / Via oktotally.tumblr.com

You can thank Andy Helms for illustrating all your favorite fandoms.


You’ve never seen GIFs the way Mr. GIF makes them.


DAiN’s stereographic drawings are out of this world.

Blue Girl With Gem. Ink pen and color dye marker on paper. 8 × 7 in. Copyright DAiN 2012.

Adam Ellis / Via booksofadam.com

Adam Ellis likes cats, makes funny comics, and even has a book out. Woah.

Pasquale D’Silva / Via psql.me

Find more adorable illustrations and GIFs from Pasquale D’Silva here.

Saskia Keultjes / Via saskiakeultjes.tumblr.com

For more beautiful hand drawn GIFs, visit Saskia Keultjes on her website and Facebook.

Kristin Rossi / Via tendernuggets.com

Kristin Rossi makes funny comics about her life. Check it out at Tender Nuggets.

Skip Dolphin Hursh / Via skiphursh.tumblr.com

All of Skip Dolphin Hursh’s GIFs will blow your mind. Get mesmerized.


Warning! Must love cute things before looking at Csak’s illustrations. Your heart will be filled with joy.

G1ft3d / Via g1ft3d.com

All the best GIFs fit for Tumblr. Visit G1fted’s website here and follow on Twitter here.

Alexander Lansang and Katianidad Modesti AKA NUBE / Via alexanderlansang.tumblr.com

Dancing provided by Alexander Lansang. Visit his website here.

Thomas Hunter / Via mrbuffalo.tumblr.com

You have to check out Mr. Buffalo’s GIFs! The cat compels you.

If you loved all the animal GIFs in this post, then you’ll love this video. It’s a hoot!

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