21 Reasons To Choose Hamilton College

The best NESCAC of them all.

1. Location

Hamilton is located in upstate New York in the beautiful and quaint village of Clinton. Our campus spans 1,350 acres of forest, meadows, and a 9-hole golf course. We’re a short 2 hour drive to the Adirondack State Park, and our Hamilton Outing Club organizes free camping, canoeing, and climbing trips for students!

2. Open Curriculum

Hamilton has no distribution requirements which means that students can pick and choose classes that interest them. Students have the option to take classes in 50 different areas of study. At Hamilton you don’t have to worry about knowing what you want to study because we allow you to explore!

What this means:

3. The World At Your Fingertips

Hamilton College has unrivaled resources and facilities for students. As a strictly undergraduate institution Hamilton provides unique opportunities for students to obtain grants and funding to support independent research projects.

4. Living on Campus

Hamilton is a 100% residential community with all of its 1,850 students living on campus.

With 28 different residence halls students can live in old fraternity houses, singles, town-homes, actual homes, and suites.

Some Hamilton residences also boast walk-in closets.

5. Sports

Hamilton has 29 Varsity sports teams, 17 Club sports, and 17 Intermural sports. 33% of our student population are Varsity athletes and 66% of students are involved with athletics.

Hamilton offers free gym classes for students and recently renovated gym facilities. There are plenty of machines for our active student body to use, from treadmills with TVs to a 3-story rock wall.

(That means free yoga classes and no freshman fifteen)

6. Programming

Hamilton brings big names to campus. With our Great Names Lecture Series we’ve had Hillary Clinton, Condoleezza Rice, Jon Stewart, Bill Cosby, Aretha Franklin, and soon-to-be Derek Jeter for all you baseball fans out there.

Hamilton also hosts big-name artists to play concerts for students. From Macklemore to Passion Pit to Capitol Cities, students always have things to do, and access to big-name performers at a super low price (aka for free).

7. Student Organizations

Hamilton offers over 200 different clubs on campus for students to get involved with. Clubs can get school funding to pay for food and events for everybody to enjoy! A campus favorite is the Bowling Club that takes students bowling for free.

If you can’t find what you like, you can always make more!

8. Emphasis on Writing and Communication

Hamilton is renowned for its writing and communication programs. Students take writing-intensive classes and presentation-based classes that focus on writing styles and honing communication skills.

Hamilton has both a Writing Center and an Oral Communications Center on campus that is free for students to get help writing papers and delivering speeches.

9. Finals

Hamilton knows that finals are a very stressful time in its students’ lives.
If you come to Hamilton, expect a free snack time in the library and puppy play-dates to relieve stress!

10. Food

Hamilton has unbelievable food. With 2 dining halls, 2 coffee shops, a diner, a pub, and a smoothie bar, students never run out of options of where and what to eat!

With no parents and an all-day icecream bar, heck you can have icecream for breakfast, lunch, and dinner!

Ever need an bacon-egg-and-cheese fix at 2AM on a Thursday? Hamilton’s got you covered. With Late Night Diner offered until 4AM on the weekends, your dream of breakfast for dinner can be fulfilled!

11. Camp Hammy

Students affectionately call their time on the Hill, “Camp Hammy.” Derived from the copious amounts of fun our Orientation and Pre-Orientation programs offer, the fun of camp lasts for all 4 years!

Hamilton’s Pre-Orientation programs (Adirondack Adventure, Outreach Adventure, and Exploration Adventure) are popular options for incoming students trying to get to campus early. Adirondack Adventure, the most frequented option, is run through our Glen House. As the headquarters for our Hamilton Outing Club, the Glen House offers free camping gear, ski gear, and snow shoe rentals for students!

12. Professors

Hamilton Professors are second to none. They are authors, ambassadors, and ultimately friends. With a student-faculty ratio of 9:1 and an average class size of 12, professors often invite classes over to their house for dinner and will act as some of students’ best resources during their time at Hamilton.

Different departments host various events to celebrate their students. For those interested in Computer Science, look forward to the all-bacon barbeque hosted by the Comp Sci Department Chair, Professor Bailey.

And yes, that’s bacon-wrapped bacon.

13. Social-Life

Hamilton does social life a little bit different and a whole lot better than other schools. With a variety of social spaces on campus, clubs, teams, and Greek organizations can host all-campus parties that are open (and free!) for everyone.

Students love to dress in theme for the many events offered on campus. Some events of campus-wide fame include the Farm Party, 70s Party, Wet Hot American Summer, Middle School Dance Party, and the Beach Party.

14. Alumni

Everyone who comes to Hamilton loves it during their four years and especially after they leave. Hamilton is ranked in the top-1% of alumni give-back which means we not only have the best alumni, but the most generous alumni. Hamilton hosts Alumni weekends and reunions during the year to celebrate their beloved former students.

For Hamilton’s Bicentennial celebration in 2012, Alumni flocked to the Hill to celebrate ole’ Hammy’s big accomplishment! Our Alumni love returning to Hamilton and providing opportunities for current students. Hamilton’s Career Center is one of the best resources students have so that they can connect with Alumni and find jobs that match their career interests!

15. We Have Our Own Hashtag!

Hamilton is social media savvy. Everything students post on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter about Hamilton that includes our hashtag (#getscrolled) will be posted here.
Its just another way for the Hamilton community to connect and see what’s happenin’ on the Hill!

16. Summer Lovin’

Hamilton provides students the opportunity to stay on campus over the summer researching with professors and can also help fund students’ unpaid and minimally paid internships. About 250 students stay each summer to work, play, and enjoy the beautiful weather in Upstate New York.

It’s the best of both worlds: college friends and beautiful weather without the homework!

17. A Different Kind of Greek Life

Hamilton offers a very different type of Greek Life. With 5 local sororities and 9 national fraternities, students have the option of participating without the pressure to join. The societies don’t have residences, but are integrated members of the Hamilton community! Sororities and Fraternities are just an example of the many clubs and groups that can host all-campus events for all students to attend!

18. The First Year Experience (FYE)

Hamilton does Freshman year right. We are focused on ensuring an incredible and welcoming year for all new students. Freshman have the option to take first year courses (FYCs) designed to help students in the adjustment from high school to college. New students will also live in “clusters” across campus so that they can build relationships with their classmates and be integrated into our campus community!

Hamilton also listens to what you want in a roommate, dorm, and freshman experience. Our Residence Life Offices hand-match you to your perfect soul-, uh, roommate. So you can be like family!

19. Four Seasons

The seasons at Hamilton are beautiful and provide a scenic background for every-day campus life. From the Clinton Cider Mill donuts in the Fall and Feb Fest in Winter to the first warm day of Spring, the weather at Hamilton can be temperamental, but students love to get outside and enjoy the beautiful campus.

20. Sense of Community

Hamilton’s sense of community is unparalleled, and it is one of the first things students notice upon arrival on the Hill. Walking the 15-minutes across campus, students will greet friends and strangers alike. There is no typical Hamilton student and the diverse student population provides the campus with a colorful, unique, and tight-knit community.

Students are independently motivated to succeed and want their fellow students to succeed with them. While Hamilton is an academically competitive institution, collaboration between students is the standard. Students care about their classmates’ success and understand the importance of teamwork.

21. To Meet the Love of Your Life

A suspiciously high, unmeasured percentage of Hamilton graduates marry other Hamilton graduates. You can even get married on campus in the Hamilton Chapel!

So come to Hamilton to fall in love with your studies, your classmates, and your college!

Hamilton really is a full package deal!

For more information (and infinite more reasons to come to Hamilton) visit us at www.hamilton.edu or click here.

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