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  • These Animals Unimpressed You Are Recycling On Earth Day

    Dearest Homo sapiens — although we have been around longer than you, we know that having opposable thumbs means that you’ve been able to advance faster than we have. Since it seems harder and harder for you to remember where you came from (apes for the evolutionists out there, Adam and Eve for the creationists), thanks for reserving an ENTIRE DAY to do what you are supposed to and not treat the Earth like a free-for-all stomping ground. We are so proud. So. Proud. Seriously. Love, All the animals

    Gazelle 3 months ago 1 response

  • The 10 Klutziest Cities In America

    America, you are the land of the free, and home of the brave. You are also the land of klutzy people. Yup, we may have a lot of democratic liberties, but one thing we seem to be lacking is the ability to keep our electronic devices away from water, shredding devices, or six-foot deep pits. Without further ado, here are Gazelle’s 10 klutziest cities in the good ol’ US of A.

    Gazelle 3 months ago respond

  • 8 Batsh*t Crazy Ways People Have Broken Their Phones

    Over at Gazelle, we’re into giving you dollar bills for your old devices — even the broken ones. And, because we know that many a time, the story behind is your cracked screen / shattered case / water damage is as epic as the damage you’ve inflicted on it, we’ve asked our customers to test our theory and tell us their “best” stories of how they destroyed their device. Note: Stories have been slightly edited so we don’t look like Kindergarten drop outs.

    Gazelle 4 months ago respond

  • Challenge: Can You Unplug For 24 Hours?

    At sundown today, people around the world are going to take a step back to the dark ages, putting down their smartphones, tablets and computers for 24 hours (!!!). What is the cause of this madness, you ask? It’s all part of the 5th annual National Day of Unplugging, which is meant to remind you that the world is a beautiful place and SnapChat isn’t actually how people communicate. Not sure you can handle it? Here are ten reasons unplugging could be a good thing.

    Gazelle 4 months ago respond

  • 11 Reasons To Show Your Mailman/Mailwoman Some Love

    Mail carriers have it tough. The government is always telling them they might lose their jobs, dogs seem to hate them, and they have to deal with your attitude after you’ve had to stand in line for 20 minutes to buy a stamp. But you know what? Your mailperson deserves your love — not least of all because they’re the ones delivering your birthday cards full of money. Is this post random? You betcha, but here are 11 reasons to love on your mail carrier today:

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  • Get Your Single On: 13 Ways To Break Up With Your Significant Other

    If you’re single it can be hard to look past all of the candy, flowers and card nonsense that happens on Valentine’s Day. In fact, that’s why us single people look forward to Single’s Awareness Day (yes it’s a real thing), where we can embrace being single and treat ourselves to whatever our little hearts desire. So, for today, why not bask in the glory that you’re (hopefully) not being fed one of these lines:

    Gazelle 5 months ago 1 response

  • Signs You’re More In Love With Your Phone Than Your Girlfriend / Boyfriend

    It’s that time of year when everyone is abuzz with flowers, candy and prepping for their best Lloyd Dobbler/Say Anything-like grandiose gestures of love. Yup, it’s Valentine’s Day (or the day that Hallmark single-handedly shames those who are unattached). Sure, we love our significant others BUT do we love our phone more? Track your responses to the following:

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  • The Ultimate Fanboy/Fangirl Generalizations

    Most of the world is aware of the Olympics happening right now, and there are some die-hard fans that have flown all the way to Russia to cheer for their home-town athletes. But the reality is that this type of fandom pales in comparison to a true Fanboy/Fangirl. Here are just some examples of the types of crazy that emerge when a true Fanboy/Fangirl has the chance to let their true colors shine.

    Gazelle 5 months ago 1 response

  • 10 Olympic Athletes You Need To Follow In Sochi

    The Olympics officially start Friday, and we want to make sure that you’re kept up to date with all the latest happenings. It’s not only about medal counts, ya know? Athletes are people too. And they’re ever so graciously sharing their lives to the world via the Interwebs. Check it out:

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  • 7 Apps to Use to Survive The Big Game

    We get that it’s basically a social requirement to attend some type of game-day celebration, so we’ve pulled together a short list of apps that you need — we repeat — need to download before Sunday. Since your apathy will probably cause some serious grumblings (“taking up prime real estate in front of the TV,” etc.), you might as well enjoy yourself as you ignore everything else happening around you. Oh, and your sanity will thank us. This post is 100% dedicated to all the ladies and gents out there who know the truth about the Super Bowl: the commercials are the best part. So with that, here are 7 apps to help you survive The Big Game.

    Gazelle 5 months ago respond

  • The Past 10 Years Of Tech

    There’s a vortex hitting Las Vegas right now… and not the polar variety. Get your head out of the gutter! We’re not talking about anything other than the Consumer Electronics Show, or CES. Sounds nerdy? Well, it is. But, it’s also a goldmine of the most buzzworthy technology that’s about to change your life… or be a massive flop. In CES’ honor, let’s take a look back at the last 10 years of crazy and cool technology.

    Gazelle 6 months ago respond

  • What Makes You Happy?

    ‘Happiness’ is a relative term — for you, it may mean getting 10 extra minutes sleep or not getting “the bird” on your morning commute. For your friend, it may mean winning their company softball league championship. For others, it’s bacon (wait… let’s be serious. Bacon is always happiness). Push pause on chasing that “happy feeling.” We’ve got you covered, at least through the end of this post.

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