This Guy Made What Might Be The Coolest House On Earth

A 73-year-old man in the Czech Republic built this rising, rotating, subterranean home by hand. It’s sort of a Robo-Hobbit house, located about 62 miles north-east or Prague. And it has a swimming pool.

1. This Is Bohumil Lhota, A 73-Year-Old Builder From The Czech Republic, Standing In Front Of His “Roundabout House.”

Petr Josek / Reuters
ID: 511238

2. The House Can Rise And Fall Like A Periscope At The Flip Of A Switch.

Petr Josek / Reuters
ID: 511239

3. Lhota Began Building The Roundabout House In 1981, Mostly By Himself, And Is Still Not Done.

Petr Josek / Reuters
ID: 511245

4. The Lower Level Is A Swimming Pool.

Petr Josek / Reuters
ID: 511242

5. The Upper Level Is The Living Quarters.

Petr Josek / Reuters
ID: 511240

6. The Upper Level Can Rotate 180 Degrees, But Manual Power Is Required For That Maneuver.

Petr Josek / Reuters
ID: 511246

7. Lhota Said He Built The House Primarily Because He Got Bored With Building Normal Houses.

Petr Josek / Reuters
ID: 511243

8. The Other Motivator Was Energy Efficiency. When The Home Is Completely Undergroud, It Maintains A Stable Temperature Year-Round.

Petr Josek / Reuters
ID: 511241

9. Lhota Also Finds The House Very Relaxing, As It Has A Lovely View Of The Krkonose Mountains.

Petr Josek / Reuters
ID: 511244


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