The Ron Paul Giant Speaks Out

It sadly turns out he’s not really a giant. New York Magazine tracked down the freaking giant spotted at Ron Paul’s New Hampshire rally and discovered he is simply a tall person named Chris Lawless, a volunteer for the Paul campaign. Here’s a portion of their interview.

Okay, so. How tall are you exactly?

I’ll give a surprising answer: six-foot-five.

Six-five? I mean, that’s pretty tall …

Yeah. That’s not a giant.

For some reason you looked more gigantic in those photos. Were you standing next to a midget?

That guy was pretty short who was standing in front of me. He’s not a midget, but he’s pretty short. That’s why this whole thing is very funny to me. I was going to make up some crazy story that I was found in an orphanage and all that, I’m nine feet tall, but no. I’m just six-foot-five, the guy in front of me was short, and it just happened to be.

Via nymag.com

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