The Many Gesticulations Of Joe Biden

Joe Biden appeared to be doing interpretive kabuki pantomime while sitting next to Paul Ryan.

1. The Chuckle Bucket

2. The Uprights

3. The This Is A Bunch Of Stuff

4. The Lord Give Me Strength To Put Up With This Bunch Of Stuff

5. The Angry Gibbon

6. The Redd Foxx

7. The Knuckle Sammy

8. The J’accuse

9. The Big Fish

10. The Hot Loaf

11. The Two Tickets To The Puppet Show

12. The Validate My Parking

13. The Most Interesting Man In The World

14. The Ambien

15. The Incredulous Shart

16. The Dragon Has Entered

17. The Nyuck Nyuck

18. The Haggling Over A Persian Rug

19. The I Finally Did Better Than Barack At Something

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