The Internet Responds To The Presidential Debate

The first debate was declared not a victory for either Obama or Romney, but for silly memes. The internet had a field day with Big Bird, but their efforts were aimed at multiple targets.

1. Chipotle Guy Was Shocked That Romney Wanted To Fire Big Bird

ID: 621601

2. Obama Brought A Lightsaber

ID: 621576

3. People Weren’t Sure If Romney Was Running For President Of The United States Or Mayor Of Whoville

ID: 621579

4. Lana Del Rey Showed Up

ID: 621577

5. Hair Was An Issue

ID: 621583
ID: 621585

7. But Not The Only Topic Of Debate

ID: 621586

8. The Most Contentious Issue, However, Was Jim Lehrer’s Job As Moderator

ID: 621581
ID: 621582
ID: 621584
ID: 621587
ID: 621590
ID: 621595

14. The Day Of The Debate Happened To Coincide With “Mean Girls” Day, And On Wednesdays They Wear Pink

ID: 621588

15. But The Movie Other People Were Reminded Of Was “Bridesmaids”

ID: 621624

16. Tiny Face Mitt Romney Made An Appearance

ID: 621589

17. As Did Many Tiny Obamas

ID: 621591

18. McKayla Maroney Was Unimpressed

ID: 621593

19. Hillary Was Diplomatic

ID: 621594

20. But There Were No Hard Feelings

ID: 621592

21. Right, Guys?

ID: 621578

22. Besides, This Was Merely The Opening Act For Next Week’s Main Event

ID: 621580

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