The Guy Who Plays Bennett On "Orange Is The New Black" Probably Shouldn’t Have Tweeted #NoHomo At The Pride Parade

Matt McGorry insists it was a joke, but a lot of folks on Twitter didn’t find it funny.

1. Matt McGorry, the actor who plays baby daddy prison guard Bennett on Orange Is the New Black, was clearly having a great time on Sunday at New York City’s massive Pride Parade.

2. McGorry was on a float with other cast members from the hit Netflix show, and they were the talk of the whole hullabaloo.

3. But then McGorry kind of ground all the goodwill to a halt when he tweeted this:

4. To many online, the hashtag of “No Homo” seemed a bit tone deaf during one of the world’s largest celebrations of the LGBT community.

.@MattMcGorry "no homo" is actually an incredibly offensive & homophobic phrase. totally ruins your message. try again.

— aaallisondawn (@Allison)

@MattMcGorry @randygiles99 Do you use the N-word because you have black friends?

— L0RDG4G4 (@Jason Del Rey™)

@MattMcGorry yeah, nohomo is a disparaging.

— randygiles99 (@Randy Giles)

9. McGorry tried to defend his stab at irony:

“@randygiles99: @MattMcGorry yeah, nohomo is a disparaging.” It's a joke. Thought that my being at the parade would have made that clear.

— MattMcGorry (@Matt McGorry)

10. And McGorry’s costar Dascha “Dash” Polanco, who plays his on-screen romace Diaz, seemed to think it was intended as humor.

@MattMcGorry !!!! #sohomo

— DashPolanco (@DASH)

11. McGorry, however, was offered a way to make amends.

“@gabespears: @MattMcGorry @randygiles99 post nudes to make up for it pls” Fair is fair.

— MattMcGorry (@Matt McGorry)

12. We’re still waiting, Bennett!


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