Meet The Spider That’s Causing India To Lose Its Mind

Awwww…it’s kind of cute. This little guy might be a heretofore undiscovered type of tarantula, may be responsible for two deaths, and is undeniably causing a mass hysteria in India.

1. Northern India Is Awash With Reports Of Colonies Of Giant, Biting Spiders. The Packs Of Aggressive Arachnids Lie In Wait For Terrified Villagers, Hidden In The Tall Grass And Dense Forestation Of The Region.

Handout / AP

2. The Culprit Is Believed To Be A New Species Of Tarantula, About The Size Of Your Thumb. Their Bites Leave Large Black Sores And Two People Have Died After Encountering The Spiders.

Handout / AP

3. Entomologists, However, Believe The Two Fatalities Were A Result Of The Crude Treatment Of The Bites. Local Witch Doctors Have Been Cutting Open The Spider Sores With Dirty Razor Blades.

Handout / Getty Images

4. Forensics Experts Also Dismiss The Idea Of Fatal Spider Attacks, Saying The Symptoms Of The Deceased More Closely Resemble Those Of A Snake Bite. Regardless, The Panic Has Led To Frenzied Spider Hunts.

5. Officials Are Urging Calm, Saying That Eradicating Spiders Could Have Disastrous Effects On The Ecosystem. Also, Here’s This GIF.

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