Everyone, We Need To Talk About The Mutant Earless Bunny

He’s adorable, right? Well, uh…he was adorable. WARNING: Don’t scroll past the second photo if you don’t want to sob and/or laugh in horror. This has a very, very unhappy ending. Just stop at the second photo and live in blissful ignorance.

1. This is a photo of Til, the cutest lil’ mutant you ever did see. It was taken yesterday at a German zoo, mere hours before Til was to hold a news conference announcing his adorableness to the world.

Uwe Meinhold / AP
ID: 171063

2. Here is another photo of Til, a rising star in the German mutant rabbit scene. Again, taken just yesterday and right before his entrance to the international stage.

Uwe Meinhold / AP
ID: 171070

3. And here was the headline that greeted the world this morning. The squeamish (and squeemish) may want to avert their eyes.

ID: 171091

The whole, sad story…if you must.

ID: 171099

BERLIN (AP) — An earless baby bunny that was a rising star on Germany’s celebrity animal scene had his 15 minutes of fame brought to an abrupt end when he was accidentally stepped on by a television cameraman.

The fate of 17-day-old Til, a bunny with a genetic defect, was plastered across German newspapers on Thursday, the same day a small zoo in Saxony was to have presented him to the world at a press conference.

The cameraman told Bild newspaper he hadn’t seen Til, who had buried himself in hay, when he took the fateful step backward Wednesday.

Zoo director Uwe Dempewolf tells Spiegel magazine Til didn’t suffer: “It was a direct hit.”

ID: 171098

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