"Egyptian Popeye" May Be Stripped Of World Record For Biggest Arms

Oh, how the freakishly body modded have fallen. Following allegations of everything from steroids to synthetic oil injections, Guinness is conducting an investigation into whether or not Moustafa Ismail should keep the title of World’s Biggest Arms.

1. This Is Moustafa Ismail Of Milford, Mass. (By Way Of Alexandria, Egypt), Affectionately Known As “The Egyptian Popeye”

Stephan Savoia / AP
ID: 718539

2. Thanks To Upper Arms That Measure 31 Inches Around, Moustafa This Past September Was Awarded World’s Biggest Biceps/Triceps/Arms By Guinness World Records

Stephan Savoia / AP
ID: 718536

3. Moustafa Attributes His Enormous Arms To A Daily 2-Hour Workout Routine That Includes Lifting As Much As 600 Pounds

Stephan Savoia / AP
ID: 718541

4. He Also Has A Hefty Diet Of Poultry, Seafood And Protein Shakes

Stephan Savoia / AP
ID: 718538

5. But An Online Outcry Errupted Shortly After The Ruling By Guinness, With Detractors Accusing Moustafa Of Everything From Steroids To Implants To Injecting Synthetic Oil Into His Arms

Stephan Savoia / AP
ID: 718540

6. As A Result Of The Controversy, Guinness Has Removed Moustafa From Their Website And Has Said His Record Is Now Under Review

Stephan Savoia / AP
ID: 718542

7. Moustafa Maintains His Innocence And Has Even Had Japanese Experts Take X-Rays And Blood Samples Of His Arms (They Concluded There Was Nothing Abnormal), But Guinness Has Been Mum About When They Might Finish Their Review

Stephan Savoia / AP
ID: 718537

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