DJ Granny Throws Elderly Disco Party

So much adorable. This is DJ Wika Szmyt, a 76-year-old Polish beat farmer who throws all night raves for senior citizens. And by “all night rave,” I mean very pleasant disco and samba dance party that is likely over in time for “Wheel of Fortune.”

Kacper Pempel / Reuters

DJ Wika Szmyt plays music at a club in Warsaw January 4, 2012. Szmyt, 73, spends her retirement days behind a DJ console watching people dance to her rhythms. She plays disco, rumba or samba for a mostly elderly audience because she feels she is giving them a new take at life. DJ Wika plays in a Warsaw club three days a week but has also been involved in other musical projects, including parties where she plays for a younger and more demanding audience.

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Kacper Pempel / Reuters
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