31 Reasons Gary Busey Is A National Treasure And A Gift To The World

The actor/philosopher/ineffable cosmic force turned 70 on Sunday. Oh, Gary Busey, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways.

1. Gary Busey is a family man.

2. He’s the epitome of dental hygiene.

3. He’s a mover…

5. A Lil Jon-collaborating hit maker.

6. Busey supports public education.

7. He’s an avid birder.

8. He’s a hopeless romantic.

9. The perfect spokesman.

I fixed Amazon's Gary Busey ad.

— Papapishu (@Chris Person)

10. Gary Busey is an unexpected Mars.


11. A patron of the arts.

12. He’s not in Kansas anymore.

13. Gary Busey is an irreplaceable icon thanks to the wit and wisdom of this Buseyism.

Buseyism for today: NUTS Never Underestimate The Spirit 25% off all prints #LaborDay

— THEGaryBusey (@Gary Busey)

14. The profundity and power of any Buseyism, really.

#CelebApprentice in less than 20 minutes I'm sure they are keepin it FUN. #Buseyisms

— THEGaryBusey (@Gary Busey)

15. But mostly this Buseyism.

25% off all Buseyisms including the #1 best seller FART Feeling A Rectal Transmission

— THEGaryBusey (@Gary Busey)

16. Gary Busey is concerned about physical fitness.


17. Busey was into clowning before it was corrupted by a bunch of trust fund poseurs.

18. Spelunking is his life’s passion.

20. Seriously, Busey loves memes.

21. Busey eats memes for breakfast.

22. Gary Busey is literally an infinite source of entertainment.

23. Imagine it…infinite Busey.

24. Busey that stretches to the reaches of time, space, imagination…and beyond.


25. He is timeless, like a silver screen beauty.

26. Gary Busey is a once-in-a-generation phenomenon because he actually said this once.

28. Perhaps we love him most of all for admitting that he once snorted cocaine off of a dog that had rolled around in his stash. (VH1 perfectly imagineered a recreation of this fabled incident.)


29. But likliest of all is that we love Gary Busey for his inexhaustible lust for life.

30. For Gary Busey is — rolled up into one beautiful specimen — a lion, a tiger, and a bear.

31. Happy Birthday, Gary! May the sun never set on your glorious Busanity!

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