10 Amazing Masters Of Obscure Art Forms

Today’s most talented musicians and actors are hard to escape, but what about those people with lesser-known talents? Check out these people who are on the top of their game in some obscure yet impressive fields.

1. Feather sculptures, Kate MccGwire

Not only do these sculptures made out of pigeon feathers look awesome, but you just want to reach out and touch them.

2. Beatboxing: Joseph F.

3. Woodwork, Pei-San Ng

While “woodworking” isn’t always an art form, Pei-San Ng sure makes it one. And it’s at LEAST as impressive as those bears carved out of stumps or whatever. He’s doing a bit more than just playing with matches.

4. Human body art, Cecelia Webber

Cecelia Webber uses human models in various poses and then shops them into other things—from birds to flowers to bugs.

5. Parkour: Damien Walters

6. Upcycling, Yuken Teruya

“Upcycling” is the practice of reusing what might’ve been trash and turning it into either useful things or pieces of art. The latter is where Yuken Teruya shines, turning even old toilet paper rolls into an awesome wall decoration.

7. Oboe: Jack Cozen Harel

8. Green sculpture/topiary, Pearl Fryer

An art form as old as the Romans, Pearl Fryer has spent years perfecting his form and now has his own park honoring it.

9. Encaustic painting, Michael Hayden

Encaustic painting is the art of taking beeswax, melting it, and directing it onto a canvas (or other material), where the artist then manipulates it into something beautiful. Like Michael Hayden’s “Electric Blue,” here.

10. Glass sculpture, Luke Jerram

Though Luke Jerram’s never studied microbiology or anything of the sort, he’s best known for sculpting viruses out of glass. And they, of course, look spectacular.

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