13 Amazing Dancers Who Will Inspire You

It might be tough to hear, but these dancers ARE better than you. Sorry. Fortunately, you can watch these videos and use them to inspire your own moves. Get inspired with Gap and become your own icon.

1. Lil’ Buck Is Memphis Jookin’

ID: 499934

2. Quest Crew Mixes Breakin’ With Magic

ID: 499959

3. I.aM.mE Overwhelms Your Senses

ID: 499963

4. B-Boy Junior Defies Gravity

ID: 500001

5. This Liquid Dancer Doesn’t Have A Skeleton

ID: 500039

6. Dancing To Dubstep On The Great Wall

ID: 500083

7. The New York City Breakers Rep The ’80s Bronx

ID: 500100

8. The Rock Steady Crew Show You How To Get Funky

ID: 500113

9. Remote Kontrol Dance Crew Gets Precise

ID: 500170

10. B-Boy Morris Is The Illest

ID: 500262

11. Michael Jackson’s Legendary Moonwalk

ID: 500201

12. Flynt Flossy Reminds Us That He Likes To Dance

ID: 500177

13. USA Crew Vs. Europe Crew In Breakdancing, Everyone Wins

ID: 500244

Inspired by:

ID: 520525

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