24 Lessons We Learned From Watching Eric Matthews On "Boy Meets World"

Because we can all use a bit of Eric Matthews appreciation in our lives.

1. 1. Boys and girls are different.

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2. 2. Men are often idiots.

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3. 3. Sometimes all you have to do is be there.

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4. 4. Change can be rough.

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5. 5. Life’s tough, so be prepared.

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6. 6. Be ambitious.

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7. 7. Have a Plan B.

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8. 8. And just to be safe, even a Plan C.

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10. 10. Celebrate your small victories.

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11. 11. It’s not always easy being beautiful.

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12. 12. Always stick up for yourself.

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13. 13. There’s more to ducks than meets the eye.

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14. 14. To get to the truth, ask the tough questions.


15. 15. It’s cool to have an alter ego.

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16. 16. Poetry is the way to a lady’s heart.

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17. 17. Self-control is key.

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*Unless pizza’s involved. Then all bets are off.*

18. 18. Sometimes you just don’t really feel like having a conversation.

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19. 19. Never back down without a fight.

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20. 20. Never let your opponent know your plan of attack.

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21. 21. Inner beauty is what truly matters.

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22. 22. When making a point, use dramatics.

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23. 23. When attending your class reunion, aim for shock.

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24. 24. And most importantly, there’s nothing more important than friendship.

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