23 Reasons Craig Ferguson Is The Best Host Of "The Late Late Show"

Yes, he’s the best. This is an indisputable fact.

1. His cat jokes.

CBS / Via YouTube

2. His tweets and e-mails segment.

CBS / Via http://novellarose.tumblr.com

3. “G.P and The Fergs”

4. The rants.

CBS / Via http://circusgifs.tumblr.com

5. The remotes.

CBS / Via YouTube

6. His love for Doctor Who.

7. He has THE best musical openings.

CBS / Via YouTube

8. Two words: singing puppets.

CBS / Via http://inferiordesignosaur.tumblr.com

9. The “Cussin’” Rabbit.

CBS / Via http://aquackingduck.tumblr.com
CBS / Via http://aquackingduck.tumblr.com

10. The times when he just couldn’t keep it together.

CBS / Via http://space-chaser.tumblr.com

See also: “cat jokes.”

11. The phone calls.

CBS / Via http://randomgifgirl.tumblr.com

Especially with Miriam.

12. His stellar dance moves.

CBS / Via http://craigy-fergs.tumblr.com

13. The old-timey lingo.

CBS / Via http://dingproceed.tumblr.com

“Keeping it classy, all the way to Christmas.”

14. All that sass.

CBS / Via http://all-american-time-lord.tumblr.com

15. He made late night television educational.


16. Whatever this is.

CBS / Via http://deanmartiann.tumblr.com

17. His confidence.

18. He’s creepy, but we love it.

CBS / Via http://mmmcookies22.tumblr.com

19. He’s quirky, Scottish, and…

CBS / Via http://mmmcookies22.tumblr.com

20. He allowed guests to ride Secretariat, which made for great moments like this.

CBS / Via http://diicaprios.tumblr.com

21. Every. Single. Impression.

CBS / Via http://deanmartiann.tumblr.com

22. The catch phrases.

CBS / Via http://woollyblacksheep.tumblr.com

“They’re so fine.”

23. Lastly, he had one of the best friendships in late night TV history.

CBS / Via http://cfergusons.tumblr.com

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