19 Hilarious Portuguese Move Title Translations

On what planet does The Hangover = If You Drink, Don’t Get Married?

1. The Hangover = If You Drink, Don’t Get Married

Warner Bros./imdb.com


Brazilian Title: Se Beber, Não Case!
Should Have Been: How about Ressaca? The actual word for hangover in Portuguese. Also: cool rework on the cover art, bro.

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2. Meet The Parents = Getting Into A Cold One


Brazilian Title: Entrando Numa Fria
(This phrase is frequently used when you’re walking into a tough/unpleasant/tricky situation. So I get it, but…)
Should Have Been: Reunir Os Pais, which is the literal translation… Or even something a bit looser like Conhecendo Os Sogros a.k.a. meeting the in-laws.

ID: 2097963

3. Get Him To The Greek = It’s A Lot Of Rock, Dude

Universal Pictures/imdb.com

Universal Pictures


Portuguese Title: É Muito Rock, Meu
Should Have Been: You could have just called it Levá-lo Para O Show (take him to the show) or Levá-lo Para O Teatro (take him to the theater). Greek would have been weird to use though, I’ll give you that.

ID: 2098017

4. Knocked Up = The Worst Luck

Universal Pictures

Universal Pictures/tribunadoceara.uol.com.br


Portuguese Title: Um Azar do Caraças
Should Have Been: Estamos Gravida, which is “we’re pregnant” or Lá Vem Surpresa, which means “here comes a surprise.” Literally it could have been anything else besides this title that suggests pregnancy is the end of the world…

ID: 2098267

5. Funny People = Beautiful People

Universal Pictures

Universal Pictures/fnac.pt


Portuguese Title: Gente Gira
Should Have Been: It’s actually quite simple: Gente Engraçada or Gente Cômica, which literally means “funny people.” Groundbreaking, I know.

ID: 2098748

6. Forgetting Sarah Marshall = A Nice Pair Of… Roller Skates

Universal Pictures

Universal Pictures/filipafoster.blogspot.com


Portuguese Title: Um Belo Par de…Patins
(Please tell me where there are roller skates involved in any part of any scene of this movie??)
Should Have Been: Tentando Esquecer A Sarah Marshall… a.k.a. “trying to forget Sarah Marshall.” Come on, guys.

ID: 2098802

7. 21 Jump Street = Angels Of The Law

Columbia Pictures

Columbia Pictures/qualeaboa.com.br


Brazilian Title: Anjos Da Lei
Should Have Been: Os Rapazes Da Lei (dudes, or boys of the law) or Academia de Polícia (the police academy). But Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill being called angels, though? Just, nah.

ID: 2099043

8. Annie Hall = Neurotic Fiancé, Nervous Fiancé

United Artists

United Artists/submarino.com.br


Brazilian & Portuguese Title: Noivo Neurótico, Noiva Nervosa
Should Have Been: Pretty sure you could have just left this one alone: Annie Hall, or Ana Hall… If you really feel the need to translate something.

ID: 2099087

9. Because I Said So = My Mom Wants Me To Get Married

Universal Pictures

Universal Pictures/tiodosfilmes.com


Brazilian Title: Minha Mãe Quer Que Eu Case
(Yes, that’s pretty much the plot of the movie; but still…)
Should Have Been: “Porque Eu Já Diz E Pronto” a.k.a. “Because I Already Said It And That’s It”… this is a common phrase used in Portuguese and people would have got it. Trust.

ID: 2099201

10. Deception = The List - Are You Available Today?

20th Century Fox

20th Century Fox/agamenonplait.blogspot.com


Brazilian Title: A Lista - Você Está Livre Hoje?
Should Have Been: There is a word that exists in Portuguese for deception, it is “decepção.” Therefore it should have been Decepção… amirite??

ID: 2099263

11. Enemy At The Gates = Circle Of Fire

Paramount Pictures

Paramount Pictures/


Brazilian Title: Círculo de Fogo
Should Have Been: Because they just weren’t feeling Enemy At The Gates, or something. Let me help: “Inimigo Nas Portas.” Done and DONE.

ID: 2100157

12. The Graduate = The First Night Of A Man

United Artists

United Artist/blogs.d24am.com


Brazilian Title: A Primeira Noite De Um Homem
Should Have Been: O Graduado which means “the graduate.” I know, shocker. But the film is about the guy graduating, so not sure how it could be any more clear.

ID: 2100343

13. The Hurricane = Hurricane: The Hurricane

Universal Pictures/impawards.com

Universal Studios/sofilmesoline.blogspot.com


Brazilian Title: Hurricane: O Furacão
Should Have Been: Did it really sound so nice that they just had to name it twice? No need to repeat it, just say it one time for the people: O Furacão.

ID: 2100579

14. Due Date = Labor Trip

Warner Bros. Pictures

Warner Bros. Pictures/blogdoheu.wordpress.com


Brazilian Title: Um Parto De Viagem
Should Have Been: As in a trip to labor, as in a trip to the delivery room… That even would have been better than the former. Data De Nascimento = due date/date of birth… No need to get creative.

ID: 2100610

15. Intolerable Cruelty = Love Is Expensive

Universal Studios/en.wikipedia.org

Universal Studios/armagedomfilmes.biz


Brazilian Title: O Amor Custa Caro
Should Have Been: You’d be surprised what a quick google translate could do for one’s movie title translations. I came up with Crueldade Intolerável in less than three seconds.

ID: 2100704

16. Memento = Amnesia

Summit Entertainment

Summit Entertainment/frasesdefilmesl.blogspot.com


Brazilian Title: Amnésia
Should Have Been: The same exact word: Memento. Looks the same, sounds the same, and guess what? Means the same too. MEMENTO!

ID: 2100750

17. Not Another Teen Movie = Not Another American Slapstick

Columbia Pictures

Columbia Pictures/elitedosfilmes.com


Brazilian Title: Não É Mais Um Besteirol Americano
Should Have Been: Now that’s just rude. How about keeping it literal like Não É Mais Um Filme De Adolescente, and ragging on teenagers as a whole instead of a whole country?

ID: 2100796

18. Pieces of April = The Way She Is

United Artists

United Artists/en.wikipedia.org


Brazilian Title: Do Jeito Que Ela É
Should Have Been: Was Pedaços De April or “pieces of April” just too obvious? Yeah, that makes sense. I hate it when things are too obvious.

ID: 2100901

19. The Sound Of Music = The Rebel Novice

20th Century Fox

20th Century Fox/leituranossa.com.br


Brazilian Title: A Noviça Rebelde
(What? Rebel, what? Novice, what? Wait… WHAT?)
Should Have Been: O Som Da Música, which translates into, yup… THE SOUND OF MUSIC. Thanks for playing Brazil, but… NOPE!

ID: 2101052

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