Solange Launches A New Brazil Inspired Sneaker Line And It’s Amazing

It’s called “The Girls of Blaze Disc Collection” and you’re going to need a pair! Or two or three.

1. Solange, a.k.a. Beyoncé’s sister and beautiful human being, is launching a new shoe line in collaboration with Puma.

Taylor Hill / WireImage
ID: 2073900

2. The singer anounced via Instagram that she will be the new art director and creative consultant for the famous shoe brand. Her first order of business? Releasing this colorful line of sneakers by February 2014.

ID: 2074078

3. The shoes themselves are inspired by the colors and sights of Brazil, and they are incredible.

Puma / Via
ID: 2074188

4. Here are a few of the designs you can expect:

Puma / Via
ID: 2074195

5. Want.

Puma / Via
ID: 2074209

6. Must have.

Puma / Via
ID: 2075014

7. Like why I can’t I buy these noooow?

Puma / Via
ID: 2075025

8. No seriously, why? I need these!

Taylor Hill / WireImage

*These don’t seem to a be part of the specific Disc Blaze collection, but they’re on her feet and they’re Pumas so I can only assume they’re coming soon to a shoe store near you.

ID: 2075040

9. I guess you’ll have to wait until February to rock these as flawlessly as Solange does. Welp. Countdown begins now.

Yes, I’m counting down to buy shoes. Don’t judge.

ID: 2075362

10. Solange wins at being the flyest and fiercest fashionista yet again. Yaaasss Solange!

ID: 2075702

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