17 Perks Of Having More Than One Passport

Damn, it feels good to be a gangsta!

1. You double up on the countries you can get free entry into.

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Meaning you basically spend ZERO dollars on expensive foreign visas.

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2. And if you do need a visa, you can apply for multiple at once — one per passport.

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3. Your passport cover selection just got a whole lot easier. Because really, who can ever decide on only one?

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4. You know which passport to pull out depending on where you are in the world.

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5. More often than not, you’ll head toward the citizens line.

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6. But depending on which line is shorter and where you are, you could probably choose either really, it don’t matter.

You’ve got options.

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7. Most of the time you get to choose which passport gets the entry stamp.

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8. You also get to watch in amusement as border patrol gets confused when looking for your missing visa in the wrong passport.

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9. You can live, work, and stay as long as you want in more than one country without restrictions.

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10. You can generally choose which nationality you’re going to be for the day. When in Rome…

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11. You get to legally go to places that you maybe wouldn’t have with one passport.

Some countries just don’t get along.

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12. You can put your money in a foreign bank that hopefully has cheaper taxes and interest rates. Yeah-yuh!!!

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13. If the shit hits the fan while abroad, you’ve got more than one embassy you can turn to.

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14. Your obligatory pre-travel Instagram is that much more badass — twice the passports, twice the likes!

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15. If one expires, you got a backup.

Ain’t no thing.

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16. Also if you lose one, you won’t be stuck in an airport forever, which is great.

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17. Essentially you have two or three times the swag, just because!!!

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