31 Insane Fabrics You Can Actually Buy

You’ve always wanted to make a tortilla chip print crop top, but didn’t realize it…UNTIL NOW.

The following fabrics come from a hidden gem of a site called Nancy’s Notions and they are beautiful.

ID: 1113808

1. Potato fabric

Life-like potato print is perfect for a potato bag, apron, casserole carrier or bushels of other fun projects.”

ID: 1110874

2. Baked Potato Fabric

“Hot out of the oven—sew these loaded baked potatoes into something delicious.”

ID: 1110966

3. Cats Watching a Horror Movie Fabric

“A night at the movies ends up being too scary for these scaredy cats.”

ID: 1110984

4. Bread Fabric

ID: 1113920

5. Artisan Bread Fabric

FYI: this fabric includes “all sizes and shapes of breads; long loaf is 3” to doughnut and muffin size of 1-1/4.”

ID: 1111009

6. Artisan Cheese Fabric

ID: 1113641

7. Sexy Construction Guys Fabric

This hunky fabric is sure to bring a smile to recipients and sewing enthusiasts alike.”

ID: 1111053

8. Sexy Cowboy Fabric

ID: 1114032

9. Sexy Founding Fathers Fabric

ID: 1114042

10. Sexy Athlete Guys in Love Fabric

ID: 1111071

11. Sexy Athlete Guys: Christmas Edition Fabric

ID: 1114054

12. Blueberry Muffins in Tins Fabric

ID: 1111154

13. Blueberry Muffins in Paper Fabric

ID: 1111164

14. Pancake Fabric

In case you get sick of all of those muffins.

ID: 1111212

15. Black and White Cookies Fabric

ID: 1111237

16. Chunky M&Ms Cookie Fabric

ID: 1111244

17. Chocolate Covered Pretzels Fabric

ID: 1111247

18. Ice Cream Sandwich Fabric

ID: 1111256

19. Frappuchino Fabric

ID: 1111262

20. Pop Tarts Fabric

ID: 1111270

21. Popcorn Fabric

ID: 1111276

22. Kittens in Beanies Fabric

ID: 1111315

23. Pizza Fabric

ID: 1111324

24. Pizza Party Fabric

ID: 1113635

25. Pie Fabric

ID: 1111330

26. Peanut Fabric

ID: 1111333

27. Donut Fabric

ID: 1111354

28. Majestic Lions Fabric

ID: 1111367

29. S’Mores Fabric

ID: 1111372

30. Tortilla Chip Fabric

ID: 1111099

31. Nachos Fabric

ID: 1111118

Now that we’ve probably convinced you to drop $50 on fabric, here is what you can make with it…

ID: 1112794

A basic tote bag

ID: 1113183

A no-sew totebag

Perfect for the needly challenged.

ID: 1113171

A bow tie

Nothing says like “Prom King” like a baked potato print bow tie.

ID: 1113279

A retro bustier top

Just download this pattern and instructions.

ID: 1113543

A patchwork quilt

If you’ve never quilted before, this is a pretty straightforward tutorial.

ID: 1113431

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