• The ABCs Of Big Freedia The Queen Diva

    You best-a believe-a this is one special diva. Get to know all about bounce pioneer Big Freedia right now, and follow her adventures among friends and family on Big Freedia: Queen of Bounce, premiering Wednesday, October 2 at 11/10c only on Fuse.

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  • 11 Most Outrageous Mobster Names

    If you got to pick a mobster alias, what would it be? How about “The Chicken Man?” Or maybe “Butterass” is more your style! Well too bad, those are already taken. For more inspiration for your mob name, tune into G-Thing, Saturdays at 11/10C on Fuse!

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  • 10 Hip Hop Crews You Wish You Were A Part Of

    You love your friends, you wouldn’t trade them for the world. Unless, of course, you had the option to join one of these crews. Normally your friends would get mad if you ditched them for a new set. But if the new set comes with a record deal and a couple of millions, we’re sure they’ll understand.

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  • 12 Ways To Talk Like A Mafioso Every Day

    Ey Boss, you think you’re mobbed up? You think you’re some sort of Don? Seems to me like you’re more of a babbo than a goon. If you want to hang with the mob, you have to walk and talk like the mob. Here’s your first lesson courtesy of G-Thing, you better take notes or you’re gonna get straightened out.

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