12 Signs You Might Be A Furby Boom On The Inside

Do you feel more adventurous in patterns? Are you speaking in tongues? You might be a Furby Boom.

1. Sometimes people don’t understand what you’re saying, but they’ll learn in time.

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2. You’re not afraid to take selfies.

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3. And you love participating in Instagram hashtags. #WhereIStand

kate hiscock/CC BY 2.0

Flickr: 51633081@N04

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4. You have a rad sense of style.

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5. Because you know that the more patterns… the better!

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6. When something doesn’t go your way, it can ruin your day.

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7. You’ve been called a hipster before. (Whatever!)

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9. You love karaoke. KARAOKE IS YOUR JAM.


You are even known to bust out hits like “Blurred Lines.”

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10. You love going to concerts. Dancing? Yes please.

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11. Diva is a not a negative word. Love it. Primp it. Be proud of it.

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12. And you’re not ashamed that you laugh at poop jokes. #Woops #SorryNotSorry

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