25 Dogs Who Can’t Wait To Show Off Their Halloween Costumes

Dogs are adorable, but dogs in costumes are SUPER adorable. It’s science. And if you can’t get enough of these Halloween dogs, watch Frankenweenie! In theaters now. Get tickets.

1. Thor + Corgi = THORGI

Chris Hemsworth, you are no match for the adorable Thorgi. Am I right?

2. This dog is on your team!

Only the ruff-est and toughest can be a linebarker.

3. Yarrrg, who stole me chew toy?

This adorable three-legged dog has the paw-fect costume.

5. Now this is a Super Team!


He’s no bow-ser, but Corgi Mario will do the trick.

7. This is the next best thing to having a real Winnie The Pooh.

8. All aboard the Frankie-Express!

9. Hello, Dog-tor Who.

10. Lobster corgi? LOBSTER CORGI.

11. Nice Zombie-cut!

12. The best fruit basket ever.

13. Okay, add these guys to the fruit basket.

14. Weiner dogs look great in everything.

15. Clever, young Harry. Very clever.

17. Dog AT-AT… does it get any better?


19. Boo, could you get cuter?

20. A Happy Meal right here.

21. Where is Ichabod Crane!?

22. Gnope. I can’t believe it.

23. I think we’re barking up the right tree here.


Bye! Try and top this!

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