17 Things You Need To Know About Frankenweenie

In case you didn’t know, Tim Burton has a new movie playing now called “Frankenweenie.” Here’s everything you need to know before you go see it in theaters. Get tickets!

1. Frankenweenie is a remake of Tim Burton’s 1984 short film of the same name.

The new movie is inspired by the Frankenstein story and Tim Burton’s childhood dog.

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2. Yes! It’s stop-motion animated AND in 3D.

In fact, it’s the first black and white movie and stop-motion film to be released in IMAX 3D.

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3. This is Victor. There were about 18 puppet versions of him made for the stop-motion filming.

Victor’s the main character of the movie (voiced by Charlie Tahan). He may be only 10 years old, but he is intelligent and very interested in science. He loves his dog, Sparky, very much.

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4. This is Sparky. His puppet has over 300 parts and 45 moveable joints.

His dog is ALIVE!!!

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5. This guy is Edgar. He’s a play off of Frankenstein’s Igor.

(Voiced by Atticus Shaffer) He’s kinda of a needy, misfit kid. He desperately wants to be Victor’s partner for the science fair, but he often says the wrong thing at the wrong time. And that gets him into a lot of trouble!

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6. This is Weird Girl. She is voiced by Catherine O’Hara, who worked with Tim Burton in “Beetlejuice.”

Weird girl is, well, weird. She doesn’t fit in with the other kids in school, and she kind of has a secret crush on Victor. You will always see her with her cat, Mr. Whiskers. (They both have the same unblinking gaze.)

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7. Here’s Mr. Whiskers. He can tell the future with his poop.

Mr. Whiskers thinks something big is going to happen.

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8. Victor’s neighbor is Elsa. She’s voiced by Winona Ryder. “Frankenweenie” is Ryder’s 3rd collaboration with Tim Burton. The last time they worked togeher was 21 years ago for “Edward Scissorhands.”

Elsa lives with her tyrant uncle, Mayor Burgemeister. He forces her every year to be the “Little Dutch Girl” for the town’s celebration of Dutch Day.

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9. Elsa has a poodle named Persephone.

She likes Sparky a lot. You might say that their attraction is “electrifying.”

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10. Here is Victor’s classmate, Toshiaki.

(Voiced by James Hiroyuki Liao) He’s super competitive, and basically will stop at nothing to beat Victor at the school’s science fair. He’s not opposed to stealing ideas either!

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11. Another classmate is Nassor.

(Voiced by Martin Short) Nassor is a highly intelligent, serious, and intense boy! He has a very dark view on life. After he hears about Victor’s experiments with electricity, Nassor goes on a quest to obtain his secrets.

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12. And this is Bob.

(Voiced by Robert Capron) He’s a momma’s boy, for sure! Bob is very agreeable and hardly ever mean-spirited, but he’s super gullible. He follows Toshiaki everywhere, but always runs to Victor when he needs help.

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13. The puppets have real human hair!

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14. Many of the animation artists and crew from “Corpse Bride” are involved in “Frankenweenie.”

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15. The motion picture soundtrack is, of course, by Danny Elfman.

On the soundtrack album, Frankenweenie: Unleashed, there will be music from Karen O, Neon Trees, Mark Foster, Passion Pit, Plain White T’s, Kimbra, The Flaming Lips, and others.

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16. You can watch the trailer here.

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17. And there will be lots of lovely dog moments from Sparky.

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Catch Sparky in theaters October 5th!

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