17 Costume Fails You Should Avoid This Halloween

Halloween is a great time to come up with creative costumes, but you have to put some effort to the ordeal. If you don’t, you might end up like these examples. Once you got your tips and LOLs, celebrate Halloween early with “Frankenweenie,” in theaters now. Get Tickets.

1. Avoid taping cutlery to your hands.

Unless you are dressing up as Edward Plastic-Fork-Hands for Halloween, stay away from strapping items that belong at a picnic.

2. If you’re going to be a ghost, use a plain sheet.

And ask mom before cutting them up.

3. Mummies are another classic.

But don’t use the one-ply toilet paper from the public restroom. It will tear immediately, and you’ll just be a sad person with toilet paper hanging off your shoe.

4. Cardboard boxes can be used tastefully…

Sometimes. Not this time.

5. Wall-E is crying robatic tears right now.

6. Store-bought costumes can be alright…

Unless this is what you think the Cheshire Cat looks like. Prepare for disappearing smiles.

7. Oh, here’s the feminine version.

Sexy Cheshire Cat has a nice ring… doesn’t it?

8. Group costumes can be fun!

But these aren’t the droids we were looking for…

9. Avoid draping yourself in trash bags.

Because this is the hero you deserve (if you decide to make your costume out of garbage).

10. If you use body paint, make sure to spread it evenly on your skin.

You don’t want to be feeling blue at the party.

11. Also… make sure you actually buy enough paint.


12. Oh, but don’t put too much on!

Give some of that paint to the Smurfs up there.

13. Construction paper is great…

For posters, scrap books, origami… but not costumes. Paper will also inevitably crinkle and tear. Proceed with caution.

14. Avoid wrapping yourself in tin foil.


15. If you have to write what you are, you’re probably not doing it right.

Even if you’re trying to be “ironic.”

16. Box + Description = You really didn’t try, did you?

17. If all else fails… be yourself, I guess!

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