10 Animal Celebrities That Are Ready For Halloween

This year, Halloween comes early with all your favorite Internet animals. See a ghoulish Boo and a ghastly Maru this way! And for more animal fun this Halloween, watch “Frankenweenie,” in theaters now! Get tickets!

1. Boo

Quite literally, BOO!

ID: 583016

2. Maru

Even in boxes, Maru is electrifying!

ID: 583154

3. Lil Bub

Even when monstrous, Lil Bub is too cute.

ID: 583183

4. Pudge

Franken-Pudge is keeping an eye on you.

ID: 583248

5. Maru Taro, the most popular dog on Instagram

When you’re the most popular dog on Instagram, everyone will like your costume!

ID: 583130

6. Shironeko, the most relaxed cat on Earth

Still so chill and so relaxed.

ID: 583204

7. Luna the Fashion Kitty

The latest fashion is here!

ID: 583113

8. Pickles, The Etsy Hat Model

Werk, Pickles, werk it!

ID: 583619

9. Dramatic Chipmunk

Dramatic Chipmunk is very dramatic.

ID: 583581

10. The Sneezing Panda (& Mommy)

I think the momma has other things to be afraid about now!

ID: 583596

Want to Frankify your own pet?

Click here to do it, and add yours in the comments!

ID: 590071

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