• 1. Lee Dewyze (American Idol s.9 - 2010)

    This should probably include the entire cast of AI season 9, but Lee takes the fall for them all since he technically won. Of all the idol winners, Lee has the fewest album sales of them all. Granted he’s been around the least, his season is widely regarded as the worst season of AI ever.

  • 2. Da Band (Making The Band 2 - 2002)

    While Diddy is no stranger to ruining music careers (ie. 112, Dream, Mase, himself), this was his first foray into ruining careers on reality TV. They did more fighting than rapping, and Diddy couldn’t decide who to cut out, so he decided that everyone was in Da Band.

  • 3. Nota (Sing Off s.1 - 2009)

    Sing Off was actually a pretty good show with talented artists. Watching Nicole Sherzinger as a judge wasnt too bad of a weekly sighting either. However, these guys fell off the radar almost immediately after the show ended. Runner ups: “The Beelzebubs” have seen more success as they’ve been featured as “The Warblers” alongside Darren Criss on Glee.

  • 4. Asia Nitollano (Search for The Next Doll s.1 - 2007)

    With Nicole Sherzinger’s eventual departure from The Pussycat Dolls, they needed to find a replacement, and decided reality TV would be a great forum for it. Poor Decision! Asia never joined the dolls in favor of pursuing a solo career that never launched. Two years later, she went back to her original job as a cheerleader for the NY Knicks - DOUBLE FAIL.

  • 5. Girlicous (PussyCat Dolls Presents: Girlicious - 2008)

    I gotta admit, this was probably my favorite show on the list. They might have been hot on the West Coast for a hot second, but their second song never hit the radio waves nationally. By 2011, only one original member remains.

  • 6. Eden’s Crush (PopStars - 2001)

    Remember this show?!? Probably not. The group never made it anywhere. The best thing that ever came out of this show was the launching of Nicole Scherzinger’s career. She gets 3 mentions in 1 post from me - That’s a win in itself!

  • 7. Committed (Sing Off s.2 - 2010)

    Ok, so I don’t know much about these guys. They definitely have soul, and they’re great singers - but Street Corner Symphony had more mass appeal, and should have been the winners.

  • 8. OTown (Making The Band 1 - 2000)

    These guys had so much potential! A product of Lou Perlman, in a time when the Backstreet Boys were actually boys, NSYNC still had Justin, and Jessica Simpson hadn’t ruined 98 Degrees, OTown should have been the next big Boy Band. They just couldnt get their act together.

  • 9. Day26 (Making The Band 4 - 2007)

    They could have been the modern day Boyz to Men…..if they didn’t sign with Bad Boy Records. Super talented as singers, dancers, and performers, these guys had two great albums (that are still on my iPod today) and could have been superstars. Thanks again Diddy.

  • 10. Danity Kane (Making The Band 3 - 2005)

    The most successful and accomplished group on this list, Danity Kane went on to release two consecutive Billboard #1 albums, and went double platinum with their first release. These girls just couldnt get along, forcing Diddy to fire them. Aubrey went on to launch a solo career and her own reality show, Aundrea continued to plump up, and Dawn Richards is a backup singer & dancer for Diddy. Haven’t you learned ANYTHING Dawn??