Russian Skating Couple Are Possibly The Most Adorable Pair Ever

Maxim Trankov and Tatiana Volosozhar are a couple on and off ice, but while they are incredibly strong and tough competitors, they are big softies in real life. And you need them in your life. NOW.

1. These are Maxim Trankov and Tatiana Volosozhar. They’ve just won an Olympic Gold Medal together.

ID: 2447557

2. Their performance was absolutely stunning and they broke the SP World Record. Their reaction to their performance was heart warming!

ID: 2447587

3. …When they’re not training, though, they like to go on holiday together with their dog, Dexter.

ID: 2447618

4. They’ve gone on holiday to the mountains….

ID: 2447631

5. ….At the beach….

ID: 2447664

6. …In Italy….

ID: 2447679

7. ….And even on a helicopter!

ID: 2447692

8. Tatiana personally styles Maxim’s hair..

ID: 2447707

9. ..and they look adorbz together even underwater!

ID: 2447726

10. Here’s Maxim holding Dexter and looking incredibly cute.

ID: 2447736

11. And while Tatiana looks stunning at the beach…

ID: 2447795

12. …Maxim prefers being silly in a pink swimsuit!

ID: 2447806

13. Together they make the best team.

ID: 2447818

14. …And let’s not forget about Dexter! Luckily Maxim’s strong enough to carry him!

ID: 2447829

15. Their chemistry is amazing in practice….

ID: 2447832

16. …and it definitely shows during competitions!

ID: 2447840

17. Congratulations for your amazing Gold Medal, Maxim and Tatiana!

ID: 2447864

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