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    • fourscore

      People seriously need to lay off of this. It’s not amazing, but it certainly doesn’t warrant this sort of criticism and malice towards Beyonce. I think she looks fabulous, even in not the most flattering of poses. As for the case of feminism? I believe, truly, that Beyonce is a feminist and considers herself a feminist. However, being such a huge cultural figure is a difficult position to be a vocal feminist. There are a lot of misconceptions about feminism in modern, popular culture. Can you blame her for not being as outspoken as we’d hope? Granted, we’re certainly in need of some outspoken feminist pop culture stars and it doesn’t reflect well on someone to be scared of claiming themselves as such. I believe that it will take a while, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see, in a year or two, Beyonce and other stars who have previously shied away from the term feminist (Lady GaGa, for example), start referring to themselves as such. …Just my thoughts.