20 Effortless Styles For Growing Out Your Natural Hair

Sure, short hair don’t care, but here’s how to style it for that in between phase.

1. An Awesome Updo

An elegant updo for everyday wear or a formal event. Instructions here.

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2. A Twisted Updo

Great for thick hair. See how to achieve a flat twist updo.

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3. The Twist and Tuck

Get those bobby pins ready. See more here.

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4. Upswept Locs

Go to new heights with your ‘locs. Easy tutorials for every length here.

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5. Flexi Rod Set

Setting this style can be time consuming, but it lasts for days! See how to achieve the look at Naturally Curly.

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6. Bantu Knot Out

No Crazy Eyes over here. Achieve fluffy waves with the bantu knot out. Tutorial here.

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7. A Sock Bun

Nope, you don’t need long hair for a sleek bun. Keep It Kinky has the step by step instructions.

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8. Finger Coils

A little bit of product and patience is all you need. Tutorial here.

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9. Finger Coil Out

Fluff the coils for a fun look with this quick tutorial.

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10. Wash ‘n’ Go on a Tapered Cut

Look fly even when you’re running late. Tutorial here from Jenell of Kinky Curly Coily Me.

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11. Flat Twist Out

A few chunky twists in the PM = major volume in the AM. See the steps.

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12. A Deep Side Part

Deep part. Bold color. Curls. What’s not to love? Find a salon in your area for the cut and color.

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13. Rework an Old Twist Out

5 quick styles. The Chic Natural shows you how!

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14. Flat Twist + Twist Out

Easy to achieve and the style holds up for days. See additional looks here.

ID: 3171820

15. Afro Puff

There’s no such thing as a bad hair day, as long as you know how to pull off a slick puff. Tutorial here.

ID: 3171824

16. Super Defined Twist Out

The perfect, bouncy twist out is all about technique. See how here.

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17. Asymmetrical Locs

A funky cut isn’t just for straight hair! Let a pro do it or check out this tutorial.

ID: 3171828

18. Curly Faux Hawk

Great on a second, third or fourth day twist out. Tutorial this way.

ID: 3171834

19. Curly Teeny Weeny Afro

Make your teeny weeny afro pop with the help of wave rods. See the simple steps.

ID: 3171839

20. Summer Scarf Updo

And if all else fails? Throw on a cute scarf. See the tutorial here.

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