How To Make The Best Out Of A Snowy Situation

When that fluffy white stuff turns into heavy cold stuff. Submit your own snowy frustrations to Florida Orange Juice’s Little Annoyances, Big Prize Contest for a chance to win a comedy-filled trip for two to Chicago! Contest is now closed.

1. So let’s say you get two feet of snow.

2. Or, maybe even a little more.

Kim Weibl / AP

3. Or maybe a lot more.

5. Because you’re going to be doing this all day.

Or, you can have THE BEST DAY EVER!

So throw on your favorite snowsuit

And maybe grab a shovel.

6. Or, better yet, a blower

7. And build a giant snowman.

8. Be sure to make him some glasses.

9. You could go skiing.

10. No hill? No problem.

11. Or just go for a walk.

12. You could build this thing.

Sheng Li / Reuters

13. Or this thing.

Sheng Li / Reuters

14. Or just mow the yard.

So before you freak out,

Take a second to think things over.

Let loose a little bit

15. And have a good time

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