14 Pets That Need A Treat

These pets are peeved! Let us know what’s been peeving you at Florida Orange Juice’s Little Annoyances, Big Prize Contest for a chance to win a comedy filled trip for two to Chicago. Contest is now closed.

2. This Hungry Hungry Hippo

3. This Real Life Angry Bird

4. This Squirrel That’s Had Enough

5. This Bunny That Wants Out

6. This Little Guy That Doesn’t Want To Be Called “Little Guy” Anymore

7. This Bear That Smells Food

8. This Cat That’s Stuck

9. This Possum That Might Be Totally Content, They Just Always Look Really Angry

10. This Cat That’s Just Not In The Mood

11. This Cat That Hates Swimming

12. This Determined Turtle

13. This Cat That’s In The Middle Of A Game

14. And This Tibetan Sand Fox That’s Totally Not Angry, Just Disappointed

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