28 People Who Can’t Deal With The Modern World

Dedicated to parents everywhere.

1. The person who needed someone to simplify their remotes for them.

ID: 3523584

2. People who need a magnifying glass to read their texts.

ID: 3523893

3. People who take accidental selfies.

ID: 3523813

4. Whoever made their DVD player say this.

ID: 3523593

5. Or this.

ID: 3523604

6. This McDonald’s customer.

ID: 3523700

7. Anyone trying to receive a text on a landline.

ID: 3524008

8. Anyone who gets their phone confused with their remote control.

ID: 3524098

9. This girl taking a selfie in the mirror with her laptop.

ID: 3524195

10. Anyone who uses their iPad to take pictures in public.

ID: 3524234

11. Or, even worse, to make phone calls.

ID: 3524254

12. This BBC news reporter who picked up a pad of paper instead of an iPad.

BBC / Via
ID: 3524455

13. This guy who should buy a bag for his iPad.

ID: 3524367

14. Anyone who thinks an iPad makes a good necklace.

ID: 3524404

15. The person who owns Schrödinger’s printer.

ID: 3530158

16. Anyone trying to print a GIF.

ID: 3530267

17. The person behind this printer that harks back to a simpler age.

ID: 3530281

18. Anyone using Comic Sans for anything.

ID: 3531192

19. People who Snapchat in public.

ID: 3531260

20. Anyone who gets their Snapchats developed.

ID: 3531321

21. The IT people at this office.

ID: 3531385

22. The person who should just buy a laptop.

ID: 3554764

23. People who put their computer to “sleep” like this.

ID: 3531399

24. Mums who like texting.

ID: 3565992

25. People who like headphones too much.

ID: 3566510

26. And people who don’t like headphones at all.

ID: 3566097

27. The person who misunderstood when someone told them to “clean up their hard drive”.

ID: 3531562

28. The guy who dropped his phone in a radiator during a video call.

ID: 3565939

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Flo Perry is a staff writer for BuzzFeed and is based in London.
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