19 Things People Who Will Eat Anything Know To Be True

“Yes, I’ll have your pickles!”

1. You like food.

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2. All of the foods.

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3. You do not understand how people dislike whole groups of foods.

How could you say no to all of the fishes in the world when each one is so individually tasty?

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4. Or how people dislike one individual food.

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If you like cooked tomatoes, then why don’t you like raw tomatoes? THEY TASTE SO SIMILAR. And both are delicious.

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5. There might be one or two foods you’re not overly keen on.

You might even avoid them in a buffet.

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6. But you would still eat them…

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If you were mildly hungry and they were in arm’s reach.

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7. Sometimes you get impatient with picky eaters.

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8. You think it’s rude when they leave a whole load of food on their plate.

“Someone spent time preparing that, you know…”

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9. Or when they order off menu.

“I would like the chicken but no mushrooms, and does that come with..?.”
It’s food, it will be tasty. I could have eaten your mushrooms.

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10. But it’s great when they give you their leftovers.

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“Would you like my olives?”
“Yes, of course, olives are delicious.”

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11. You do not understand why someone would choose to have plain pasta.

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Or ready salted crisps, or a no mayo sandwich, but of course if offered, you would eat them.

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12. You think it’s disgusting when people don’t like vegetables.

Flo Perry

How did you grow? Why aren’t you ill? Do you poo?

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13. But also, you think people are snobby when they never pig out on fast food.

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It’s not disgusting, it’s food, and it’s delicious.

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14. Trying new food is one of the best parts of going abroad.

And you get annoyed at people who don’t order the local delicacy. Even if it’s a bit rank, obvs you eat it anyway.

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15. Diets are hard because you cannot say no to food.

All food is delicious, and when someone offers you something, it would be both rude and not fun to say no.

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16. So you’ve decided to say no to diets.

So much easier than no to food.

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17. Ordering in a restaurant is hard.

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“BUT I LIKE ALL THE OPTIONS? Do you have a tasting menu?”

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18. You sometimes hold up the queue in takeaways because you just cannot decide what to get.

So many fast food options, so little life…

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19. Buffets are the best, but also the worst.

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Because plates are small and so is your stomach.

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You, all the time:

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