The Best Of The 1st Annual Los Angeles Beard And Mustache Competition

This last Sunday, the Federal Bar in North Hollywood hosted the inaugural Los Angeles Beard and Mustache Competition. With the mustache category being the “most competitive” a judge had seen “anywhere,” and an assortment of “beard groupies,” this is surely a competition that is only going to grow in prestige. posted on

25. Judges

Left to right: Elvis Strange, Julie Slater, and Kai Cofer.

26. Partial Beard Winners

Left to right: Robert Broski (bronze), Nathan Johnson (gold), and Chris Noel (silver).

27. Mustache Winners

Left to right: Shawn Hassen (gold), Dan Lawler (silver), and Jack Dishon (bronze).

28. Freestyle Winners

Left to right: Pedro Ayala (bronze), Andrew Smith (gold), and Bradley Kranich (silver).

29. Full Beard Winners

Left to right: Myk O’Connor (silver), Jack Passion (gold), and Scott Lehr (bronze).

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