Introducing Linda Robbins: Photoshop Supermodel

Linda Patricia Robbins had a Flickr account with 169 pictures of herself convincingly photoshopped onto various scenes and, presumably, bodies. The account no longer exists, but fortunately, some of the photos and captions were saved before its removal. Words fail to capture the magnificence of these images.

1. Hey Big Boy

C’mon over here, Linda’s got something to show ya!

2. Ripped Jeans in B&W

Got a little artsy-fartsy on this, but you’ll have to excuse me while I get these too tight jeans off!!

3. Hot Ex-Boyfriend

Me and Ryan in happier times…. ; -(

4. Vrooooom!!!

And that’s not just the engine makes, if you know what I mean!!

5. OMG, Another Bikini!!

Aren’t y’all getting tired of these bikini piccies???

6. Flapper

I found this costume my maternal great grandmother wore back in the 20’s and 30’s. Cute, huh?

7. Call Me Later!

I’m on my way to, like, text me, Facebook me, leave a voice mail, e-mail me or twitter me, heck send me a freaking’ postcard if ya have to, but I have really GOT 2 GO!!! Talk to y’all later!!

8. I Need A Hug

right about now (kisses, BTW, are 10 cents more!)

9. Teenage Dream

Me, the summer before Senior Year in High School.

10. Cowgirl

Howdy, pardner! Guess it’s time for me to help pa with the chores!

11. Long Blonde Hair

In a little black dress!

I work as a para-legal and I part-time model. I own many type of wigs to change my looks. Ya just never know what you’re gonna get!

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