• 1. Oct. 23, 2001: iPod 1G

    The iPod started humbly, capable of holding only 1000 songs on 5GBs, for $399. And it was only for Macs, a small market at the time. The Windows-compatible iPod 2G didn’t launch till July 17, 2002.

  • 2. April 28, 2003: iPod 3G

    The 3G launched with a design “lighter and thinner than two CDs,” with 10, 15, and 30GB models. The iTunes Store also opened this day, and sold more than a million songs in its first week.

  • 3. Jan. 6, 2004: iPod Mini

    Half the size of the original iPod, and in an array of colors, the Mini was the first iPod using Apple’s new click-wheel.

  • 4. Oct. 26, 2004: iPod Color

    October 2004 brought the color version of the iPod—which could store up to 25,000 photos—as well as the special edition U2 model.

  • 5. Jan. 11, 2005: iPod Shuffle

    Steve Jobs unveiled the Shuffle as “smaller and lighter than a pack of gum and costs less than $100,” and offered it in 512MB and 1GB models (120 and 240 songs, respectively).

  • 6. Sept. 7, 2005: iPod nano

    Innovative because of its size, despite having the same capacity for songs as the iPod Mini, the nano quickly became the no. 1 selling iPod.

  • 7. Oct. 12, 2005: iPod Video

    The first iPod Videos could hold up to 150 hours of video (via the iTunes Store), and also introduced the non-U2 black version.

  • 8. May 23, 2006: Nike+iPod

    Nike+iPod was a system of Nike shoes and the nano, which synced up to deliver music on pace with the runner’s speed.

  • 9. Sept. 12, 2006: iPod Shuffle 2G

    Introduced the wearable Shuffle, in a multitude of colors like the nano, as well as games for the larger iPods, and iTunes 7, with cover flow.

  • 10. Jan. 9, 2007: iPhone

    Well, there’s not much else to say about this one. (The iPhone’s evolution won’t be covered further, though, because it’s not technically an iPod, you know.)

  • 11. April 9, 2007: 100m iPods sold

    In just less than six years, the total number of iPods sold topped 100 million, “the fastest selling music player in history.”

  • 12. Sept. 5, 2007: iPod Touch

    The parred-down version of the iPhone, which could do basically everything the latter could, except place phone calls.

  • 13. Sept. 5, 2007: iPod nano 3G

    At the same event the Touch was announced, so was the new, squat version of the nano.

  • 14. Sept. 5, 2007: iPod Classic (6G)

    Steve Jobs announced a newer and sleeker iPod with a much larger hard drive on September 5, 2007, which virtually froze the progression of the original design. The Classic is still the largest version of the iPod line, and consistently sells, though not as well as the nano.

  • 15. July 11, 2008: App Store

    In July of 2008, the App Store launched for the 2.0 release of the iPod Touch and iPhone 3G.

  • 16. Sept. 9, 2008: iPod nano 4G

    September of 2008 brought the nano’s return to skinny styling, with more colors and storage. A slightly updated Touch was also announced.

  • 17. Mar. 11, 2009: iPod Shuffle 3G

    The third generation of iPod Shuffle had no buttons—they were moved to the earbuds—and was still wearable, and cost much less.

  • 18. Sept. 9, 2009: iPod nano with video

    The nano received a camera in this refresh, though no other models did—as was expected.

  • 19. Sept. 1, 2010: iPod nano touch

    The nano touch was announced on September 1 of this year, virtually eliminating the famous click-wheel from the iPod lineup (excluding the iPod Classic, of course).